First Communion Cookies

Continuing on with the sacrament cookie motif ;)... (Remember the confirmation cookies earlier this week?  These are for the same sweet family.)

I was really looking forward to making these cookies again.  The last time I made them was for kiddo's First Communion....FOUR years ago.
{That picture on the left is one of my favorites ever.  Rockin' the powder blue suit, yo. Maybe we can find a blue tux for prom in a few years.}

OK...thanks for letting me reminisce.
These cookies start out with the perfect cutter I love this's pricey because it's copper, but so worth it.

For the cookies, you'll need:
  • chalice and host cookies
  • royal icing tinted with AmeriColor Gold, Bright White, Regal Purple and Leaf Green
  • disposable icing bags
  • squeeze bottles
  • decorating tips (#1 & #2) and couplers
  • gold luster dust
  • vodka (yep.)
  • small paintbrush
With a #2 tip, outline the chalice.

With another #2 tip, outline the host.

Thin the white & gold icings (reserve a bit for later) with water, a little at a time, until it is the consistency of thick syrup.  Cover with a damp dishtowel and let sit several minutes.

Stir gently with a rubber spatula to pop any large air bubbles that have formed. Transfer to squeeze bottles.

Fill in the chalice with the thinned gold icing.  Use a toothpick to guide into corners.

Fill in the host with the thinned  white icing.  Use a toothpick to guide into corners.

Let dry at least one hour.

Add the detail with the reserved white and gold piping icing.

Let dry overnight, or at least 6 hours.

Get out your luster dust supplies:  Luster dust, small ramekin, small paintbrush and vodka (a good excuse to always have vodka in the house).
This is "Golden Charm" luster dust.  I LOVE it and bought it at a little shop in Houston.  Can't seem to find it online, but any gold luster dust will do.

Mix up your luster dust with a few drops of the vodka and brush it on. (The alcohol will evaporate, leaving just the gold sheen.)  Add a few drops of vodka to the ramekin as you're working if it starts to get clumpy on you.  A little goes a long way, so don't worry about using all of the container in one shot.  (Here's a video about applying luster dust...)

Then, with #1 tips, add the grapes and leaf/stem detail.

All ready for First Communion!


  1. Oh my Bridget these are stunning! The family is going to be so proud to serve these cookies! I've never seen a cutter such as this before. Kiddo certainly was *rockin* the powder blue outfit and he looked great. Quite the poser for the camera too isn't he :)

  2. These are exceptionally pretty. And the cutter can do double duty during Oscar season. I found a little can of golden charm, shrimp and old gold lustre dust in a dump bin when I visited I'm way excited to try it. Ps-little man is adorable!!!! And precious and would prolly be totally embarrassed that im calling him that now, lol!!!

  3. Gorgeous! Love these. You make it look easy girl. :)

  4. Kiddo is just as sweet as can be! Hard to top the sweetness factor of his moms awesome cookies but he managed it! You have one very cool family Bridget :)

  5. You had me at break out the vodka & gold luster dust ;)

    GORGEOUS cookies!

  6. Ok, seriously, I love how you live the Communion picture "to the left." I feel like the statue of Mary is "raising the roof" behind him with that "powder blue suit, 'yo,"

  7. What a great idea for a cookie - I'm going to have to call you next year when Kelly goes through 1st Communion!

  8. Hi Bridget- These cookies are really beautiful! What a neat cookie cutter. Learning so much here and very thankful to be following you recently. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. ADORABLE!!!

    Love these :)

    And your son is a DOLL!!

  10. YOur cookies look amazing ! And I love your photos as well !

    Thanks, I will try them next week !

  11. What a beautiful cookie and cool kid! If you're wearing powder blue, you gotta rock it, at any age.

  12. I'm so glad I ordered this cutter (2, actually) 10 days ago! That way, when my girlfriend asked the other day if I could make some 1st C cookies, I could say, "Yes!" I'm also making them for my daughter, and my god daughter (to whom I am going to give one of the cutters, engraved with name and date). Tomorrow, Confirmation doves!

  13. I did NOT know about the vodka trick! I've just been brushing straight luster dust onto my royal icing flowers, etc. Cool!

    Also, the pic of kiddo with the virgin Mary out in the front of the church is just TOO adorable!

  14. These are quite beautiful. I am very envious of anyone who can apply lustre dust like this - I have watched a gazillion tutorials, but everytime I do it, it comes out uneven and makes the cookie look worse. This is sad because I love the way it looks when properly applied.

  15. I remember when you made these:) and I love the doves below. I think it is pretty special to have names on the cookies ;)

  16. Oh First Communion cookies what a great idea!!! . . . I'm just one year late :-((

  17. Wow...those are BEAUTIFUL Bridget! My newphew makes his First Holy Communion next Saturday...I'll have to have my sister check out this post.

  18. Love how sentimental these cookies are.

  19. These are beautiful! I'm so glad you put the tutorial up on using gold luster dust. I've been so scared to try it myself, but it doesn't look so bad! You make everything look so easy!

    Just curious, where is your "little cake shop" in Houston? We've e-mailed each other a few times in the past and I live pretty close. Just wondering if you go to S&J or somewhere else? I'm always looking for new shops. If so, I hope to bump into you sometime! That would make my day!!!

  20. I love these! I am going to have to order one to make some of these for our Neophytes (RCIA team person here!). I have two little ones, so this will get a lot of use!

  21. I just came across your blog tonight and I LOVE it!! Everything is so beautifuly done and you do such a good job with the step by step instruction.

  22. Pretty! I love how it looks like liquid gold in the ramekin. Does the vodka leave a taste at all?

  23. Love these cookies! I had no idea they had sacrement cookie cutters... Though, I really shouldn't be surprised!

    PS - Kiddo looks pretty great in that blue suit :)

  24. These first communion cookies are beautiful!! I've never seen anything like them. You are so fortunate to have the skill to create this kind of art!

  25. Just so lovely, how thick do you cut your cookies?


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