Coffee, Tea, or...

A few months ago, a thought occurred to me.  The thought that I've known my friend Terri for 20 years.  The scary part about this is, we didn't meet on the playground, or even in college.  We met as adults.  How is that even possible?

I actually remember the day I met Terri.  See, my first job out of college was as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines.  When you are with the airlines, seniority is everything.  So, there I was in the Dallas flight attendant lounge, with all of one month under my belt, when the "new kids" came in.  Terri was one of them.

Terri is one of those people that everyone just wants to be around.  I mean, look at her...
She's fun, she's full of joy, and she has the prettiest red hair. 
{PS...Terri, I kinda stole these pictures off of your Facebook page.}

She also has an adorable and adoring husband, and two beautiful of whom will be part of an arranged marriage to kiddo. I'm so not kidding. 

Terri is a really good friend.  When kiddo was born, 10 weeks early, while I was out-of-town, Terri (7.5 months pregnant herself), jumped on a plane and came to the hospital.  She accompanied my dad & Mr. E to Sears to pick out a robe for me to wear in the hospital.  Then, she went with me down the hall to the NICU to see kiddo.  She couldn't even come in to see him...but she was there.
Anyhoo...I realized that Terri was celebrating her 20th year with Delta.  And that calls for cookies.

Remember those Biscoff cut-outs?  Yep...these are those.  Delta-Biscoff...see how it all fits together?!?
We have the requisite rolling bag...

...and the wings.

Missing from this assortment are the beverage cart and barf bag cookies.  Maybe at 30 years, Terri. 

Can I share with you one of my favorite airline stories?  Oh goodie.

On one of my first flights, a passenger rang her flight attendant call button.  I always kind of loved to see what people wanted.  Usually, it was a blanket.  Anyway...this was back in the day of those clunky plastic headsets...remember those with the ear pieces and then the 2 prongs on the other end that fit into the armrest?

Well, this sweet lady rang her button and told me that her "oxygen wasn't working."  The lady traveling with her nodded along looking quite serious.  Now, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I *could* tell she was breathing.

I asked her what she meant.  She proceeded to take the 2-pronged side of the headset and stick it up her nose. 

Yes.  I think I blacked out after that, but it is one of my fondest memories of flying...
...other than meeting Terri. ♥

So, my sweet and funny friend...happy, happy anniversary!  Delta is lucky to have you!  And I'm so lucky to have met you 20 years ago! *mwah*
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