Do YOU Have Valentine's Day on the Brain?

Are you thinking Valentine's Day already?  It's kind of hard not to considering Valentine cards and candy have been out in stores since December 26th.
(Or earlier...I'm looking at you, Hobby Lobby.)

So, if you want to get a jump on those Valentine cookies...and as far as I'm concerned, lovey-dovey cookies are appropriate ANY time of are some ideas for you.

Scrabble for Sweeties...some of my favorite cookies ever.  Made for some of my favorite people ever.

Olive You Martini Cookies....get it?  Olive you?

Keep it simple...sparkly red cookies with va-va-vanilla.

OK...wanna go fancy?  How about some lacy, black, red and white cookies?

Roses.  More tasty (and cheaper) than ordering a dozen roses.

Carve your name in a tree, er, cookie.  

So, are YOU ready for {{heart}} day?!? 

PS...if you haven't been over to the savory side lately, here's what you're missing:

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