Why I love blogging, TERESA, Doggie silhouette cookies, and Seattle, Seattle, Seattle!!!

{Be warned...a very wordy post, with lots of personal pictures. But, there ARE cookies, too!}
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  My very favorite thing about blogging is not anything I ever expected or anticipated.

My very favorite thing about blogging is that it has brought some really amazing and true friendships into my life. ♥

For Mother's Day two years ago, Mr. E surprised me with a trip to visit my very first blogging friend, Cheryl from TidyMom. It was so much fun that I decided then and there that visiting bloggy friends in real life must be continued.

When we were thinking about a spring break trip, we decided on Seattle. Yes, warm, sunny Seattle.  Neither one of us had really seen the city, and kiddo had never been to that part of the country.  And guess who just happens to live there?!?

TERESA from Blooming on Bainbridge!!!

Now, Teresa and I had gotten to the point of texting each other, oh, about 247,000 times a day.  It was high time we met...and we DID!!!
We had a wonderful dinner together in Seattle and had a groan-worthy, unbutton-the-top-button-of-your-pants dinner at Teresa's home on Bainbridge Island.  (I waited until we were on the ferry back to Seattle to do the unbuttoning...you don't want to be TOO weird when meeting a blog friend.) We were so busy gabbing that we didn't take many pictures.

You know how Teresa is the sunniest, funniest, happiest girl on her blog?  Well, she's that x 1,000 in person.   And her house?  Oh, it's only the cutest place ever.

{Psst...See that handsome man with the cool glasses in the picture with kiddo and & Mr. E?  That's Teresa's husband.  I swear, bloggers have the best husbands.  I just love him.}

Oh, and y'all...Seattle is a foodie town.  Great food is everyWHERE!  Take a look at this salted caramel cupcake from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co
But, the BEST food we ate all week was at Teresa's house on Bainbridge.  Chicken Pot Pie, Mashed Potatoes, all kinds of appetizers, Ina's Chocolate Pudding.  Mr. E is so spoiled now.
And I'm chubby.

Let's talk about Seattle...or, our home away from home, the Pan Pacific Hotel.
This was our view:
{No, I'm not kidding.  That's the Space Needle.  How cool is that?!?}

I'm pretty much in love with this hotel.  From the location (in a hip little neighborhood where Amazon is making it's new home), to the service (impeccable), to the WHOLE FOODS MARKET downstairs!

Foodies...if you are planning a trip to BlogHer Food in June, you might want to consider the Pan Pacific! {Y'all...they have free wifi.  They know better than to separate a blogger from her wifi.}
{A few more pictures...we didn't stay in the suite pictured up top, but I thought you might want to see it.  I'm going to dream about it. The lobby is also very chic and modern...wonderful seafood restaurant and a Starbucks attached (this is Seattle after all!).  ALL of the rooms come with BIG soaking tubs and sliding doors that open up to the room.  After a long day of walking around Seattle, relax in the tub with a glass of wine, and enjoy your view of the Space Needle.  Of course, I did not do this since kiddo was with us, but I imagined it. ;)}

As far as what to see....I could go back and spend a month or so in Seattle just exploring.  Well, exploring and EATING.  Space Needle, monorail, Pike Place Market, the ferries...there is SO, so much to do!!!

Now to the cookies...
If you know Teresa, and you should, you'll know her ADORABLE Wheaten Terrier doggie, Doogan.

So, I stole a picture of Doogan from Teresa's blog ;), and printed it out.

Then, the day before I made the cookies, I placed the printout on an upside-down cookie sheet and covered it with waxed paper.  I outlined and filled the picture, just like I would on a cookie.

For the cookies, I used Callye's method of turning a scalloped circle cookie into a scalloped oval.  (I love this!)  The cookies were outlined and filled with light turquoise icing.

After the cookies had been drying for about an hour, I peeled the Doogan silhouettes off of the waxed paper and gently placed them on the cookies.  (The cookies are still wet enough to hold the silhouette without disturbing the icing.) Then, the cookies dried uncovered overnight.

Since I was visiting Teresa (the queen of pink and gingham), I had to tie her cookies up in some big pink gingham ribbon. ♥

Seattle Spring Break...I recommend it.
{...especially with your sweethearts.}

I'll leave you with one more (can you stand it?) picture. It's blurry, but I think it's my favorite.



  1. Oh, Bridget, you and Teresa are so so cute!! Seattle is one of my most favorite places on earth...my husband and I have a ton of really fond memories of there. I can't WAIT to go there again in June!!

    Love the cookies, of course :)

  2. What a fabulous meetup! Looks like you ladies had a ball (and via Instagram too) and loving that your blog friends became real life friends...I have some like that, too. One day I'd love to meet you, too :) And Teresa, too!

  3. SO much fun! Looks like everyone had such a great time!

  4. The cookies are adorable and I know Teresa was blown away by them. So nice that you all made the trip to Seattle and were able to meet. By the way, you, Mr. E and Kiddo make for one gorgeous looking family!

  5. What FUN!!!! Your cookies turned out amazing... and the pictures of Seattle make me want to go there! (i have never been) Love that you and Teresa got to connect and solidify your bond!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog post. You should be so proud of your family, Bridget! (Translation: Mr. E is so handsome and Kiddo is going to follow in both your hot footsteps!)

    The cookies are hot, too!!! (teehee)

  7. That is so neat! I have been actively blogging for 5 years and have yet to make any friends, a few here and there but not to this degree. That is very special. Living just north of Seattle, kuddos to you for visiting the PNW in the rainy wet season.

  8. Love, love, LOVE Seattle! I went to college up there and ended up staying for 5 more years, lol! If my hubby wasn't such a freak about rain, I would move back in a heartbeat!

  9. I have met some of the very best people in the world via blogging. What a great trip and I must say you have the most gorgeous family!

  10. Love the super cute cookies! I've never been to Seattle, but I've heard wonderful things!

  11. Looks like a wonderful adventure! ..Seattle is a loonng way from home for me, but it is on my bucket list! Pretty cookies too!

  12. I am in love with this whole post! What fun that the 2 of you and your families enjoyed being together! Seriously who knew that lasting friendships would be a part of blogging? And darn if you all don't make the cutest little family! :)

  13. You are beautiful and talented so it should come as no surprise that Mr. E is so handsome! Not to mention what a doll your son is too. I love family vacays and yours looks fantastic.

  14. I am in complete agreement with everyone else - you have The.Cutest.Family! Seriously, gorgeous!!! It is so great that you and Teresa and your families got to meet and spend some time together.

    I lived in Seattle as a kid for one year (about a zillion years ago!). I would love, love, love to visit it again. (but not in the rainy season -which is a lot of the time! - 'cuz my hubby isn't too fond of cold and rain either.) I remember it being just amazingly green and gorgeous in the summer months.

    Great post - thank you so much for sharing. Oh, and the cookies are too, too cute. I bet Teresa adored them!!!

  15. Hi. I have recently discovered your blog, and am enjoying it. Lots. So, I apologize if you have already addressed this issue.
    How do you feel about people pinning images from your blogs to their pinterest boards? I have a board about recipes, and am going to also begin one about desserts. Your cookies are so marvelous looking - I'd like to pin some. I would mention your blog in my description, and of course, the photo would link back to you. I know some people aren't really wild about pinterest, so I didn't want to do it without asking your permission.


    1. Lynne...of COURSE! I'd be just thrilled of you pinned something from the blog! I {heart} Pinterest!

  16. Oh this post made me breathe real deep and SMILE real big!
    Just to think of you guys enjoying SEATTLE makes my HEART beam.
    Meeting you guys for dinner that first night was beyond EXCITING! I honestly thought I was going to break out in a full~fledged panic attack ferrying over Friday night just knowing we were FINALLY meeting in REAL LIFE! I know everyone on the ferry wondered why I was standing out in the drizzle and cold while ferrying to Seattle that night! Little did they know I was trying to calm myself the heck down from being so wound up and totally excited!
    Hugging you guys was dreamy!
    I'm so haPPy Greg~Doogan and I got to meet and ENJOY Mr. E and Kiddo!
    Preparing dinner for you all was beyond FUN! I felt like I was on Chopped/Food Network going from one appetizer to the next to the meal to the dessert!
    Hugs to Kiddo for helping me prep the appetizers! He's very impressive in the kitchen!
    I wish we had it all to do over again.
    I needed like 1000 more hours with you guys!
    This is only the beginning of many happy gatherings between us all.
    You and Mr. E are so PERFECT for each other!
    Kiddo ROCKS just like I knew he would!
    My fave pic of all the pics is the one with Kiddo on the ferry!
    Doogan likes the one at the end with Kiddo laughing.
    The Fur~Ball still misses his new friend from TEXAS!
    Wish we had more pics together! Next time I won't have been sick for two weeks and will feel more like pictures.
    The Doogan Cookies~
    YOU KNOW how I feel about those COOKIES!
    I love you sweet girl!
    CHEERS to blogging friendships!
    ****Thanks again for the black plastic hair VISOR!
    I wear it everyday! ;)

  17. I am a Washington girl, and returned to raise my family here. It was touching for me to read your sincere post about a city just down the road from ours. You have always been one of my favorite bloggers. I have you to owe for my new hobby as of 2011, baking & decorating cookies! Amber

  18. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

    Your cookies look amazing. I love the last photo too, so cute.

  19. The last photo is precious! My pooch loves when children visit ;o) I've gotten to know Teresa and Doogan from her blog, and I know how special those Doogan cookies were to her. Glad you two met!

  20. ahhh! I love Seattle! Thats where hubby and I 1st met- we have very fond memories of Seattle! Best food, best wine bars, best shopping! And LOVE those cookies! too adorable!

  21. dude, your husband is HOT!
    Brown Sugar Baking

  22. I love Seattle... and just have to say that your family is so beautiful!

  23. Seriously, your husband looks like a male model.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I pulled the post to correct a spelling error. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this morning - loved the pictures and was very interested in the advice on re-shaping cookie cutters. I particularly was interested when you said that you used Callye's method of turning a scalloped square cookie into a scalloped oval. I think you must have meant scalloped round to oval - which I thought was a great idea. Thanks for the tips.

  25. how fun is that! I would love to meet some of the bloggers I read often, it would be like meeting a friend you know all about, but have never "met"

  26. Fun! I love those cookies. Glad you two got to meet:-)

  27. These are precious. I bet just as precious as Teresa.

    P.S. You have just the most handsome men!

  28. Oh, my goodness what a fun trip! I know Teresa lives on an island, must have been a blast to finally meet up with her IRL. Such a sweet time for both of you, I'm sure. You've got some handsome guys there, Bridget! Those Canine Cookies are adorable, and the perfect hostess gift for Teresa!

  29. oh I can just imagine all the fun you two had together!!

    I loved following along!

    We still need to come to TX.....Steve mentions it every now and then! lol

  30. Looks like a fun trip! I'm hoping to get to Seattle some day. The cookies looked delicious, too.

  31. Bridget, so much fun to see photos of you and your family! Haven't been to Seattle since ME days but would like to return someday! Loved reading about your visit!

  32. Love all the pictures! Love the pic of J on the boat. Looks like a wonderful time.

  33. I love love love this post! What a fun trip. Can't wait to go to Seattle in June...you should make a quick trip back!

  34. Wow, what can I say...I live in beautiful Seattle!! and yes, I do love, love, love it. I know, I know it rains ALL the time, buuuut you have to pay a price for beauty, right??
    I enjoyed reading your message (and your blog) and I'm sooooo proud that you liked and enjoyed Seattle...and oh, did you drink the water?? oops, that's means you'll come back and never, ever leave again!! true story trust me, it happened to me 30+ years ago LOL!!!
    Thanks for sharing your awesome experience in our beautiful city (^_~)

  35. Bridget! OMGosh! Go look at your beer mug cutter! It's a perfect Doogan profile, just like your cookies!

  36. So fun! I love hearing about your trip, and those cookies are darling! Some of the best people I have met came from blogging (you are one of them!. It's such a great thing.

  37. Fun to see your Seattle post as I grew up there and now work on Bainbridge Island and live nearby! Can't imagine living anywhere else :)

  38. What a fun visit you and Teresa had! It is so great to meet blog buddies in real life!!! Both of you did amazing and awesome posts on the trip!!

  39. Congratulations to you both, nothing like having good friends!

  40. Wait, you were just here...... and you liked it? With the alternating rain, hail, snow, and gloom we've been having all month? Honestly, I think today is the first sunny day. Well, if you liked Seattle in March, come back in August or September, you'll really love it then! I agree the food around here is fantastic-- and you can't beat the healthy selection at the grocery stores.

  41. My husband was stationed on Whidbey Island, about an hour north of Seattle, for a year during Marine Corps pilot training. I got to spend some time there when I was visiting but wish I could go back and soak it in more. I was in law school at the time and traveling cross country so when I would visit, I would sleep. A lot. ;)

    Came to your blog via Pinterest and it's great. I love the savory posts and would love to see more of those too.

    You have a beautiful family. Enjoy them!

  42. I stumbled upon your blog via another blog and I am so happy that I did. It's funny I live in Seattle and every time I see a blogger post about a visit here I am always in awe. I suppose it's easy to forget how great you have it when you live here. I live in the city and Seattle really is fantastic. Love the pictures of your trip and the cookies. Bainbridge Island is beautiful and we love taking the ferry over, so much so that the morning I got married my hubby and I went to Bainbridge just to have coffee and get away before we had to get back and get ready for the wedding. :)


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