Cookie Decorators, Raise Your Work Surface...Works for Me Wednesday

Every now and then, husbands know best.

I'd been decorating cookies for a couple of years...I always decorated at night after putting kiddo to bed. It never failed, I'd crawl into bed after a few hours of decorating with an aching back and tense shoulders.

One night, Mr. E walked into the kitchen as I was decorating and said, "why don't you raise up your work surface?"
Ding, ding, ding!!!  Life. changed.

Now when I decorate, I *always* raise up my cookie sheet.
If you don't have a step stool, I *know* you have a stack of cookbooks. 

Raise 'em up.  No more hunching.  
Thank you notes from your back can be addressed to Mr. E. ;)
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