How to Apply Disco Dust...Works for Me Wednesday

Disco dust.  Have you tried it?
Disco dust will make your cookies sparkle like nobody's business.
{It also drives me slightly insane, which leads me to why I apply it the way that I do.}

About the size of fine glitter, disco dust tends to spread EVERYWHERE....just like glitter.  If you attempt to sprinkle it just on one area of your cookies, I promise, it will stick to every damp surface of that cookie.  I like to apply it to a DRY cookie.

Just like applying sanding sugar, let your cookies dry overnight.
Then, you'll need this:
  • Mix equal parts meringue powder and water (for small batches, start with just 1/4 teaspoon of each).  
  • Use one paintbrush to apply the mixture onto the cookie where you want the disco dust to stick.  
  • Sprinkle on the disco dust over a basket-style coffee filter.  
  • Shake off the excess and use the filter as a funnel pour back into the container.
  • Use the 2nd (dry) paintbrush to brush off as much excess from the cookie as possible.
{Side note: unless you'd like to be WEARING disco dust all over your face and hair, I strongly discourage blowing on the cookie to remove the excess.  Not that I've ever done that or anything.}

Where to buy disco dust?
  1. Amazon
  2. Sweet Baking Supply
  3. Layer Cake Shop 
Disco for me
Now, go get your DISCO on!
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