How to Apply Disco Dust...Works for Me Wednesday

Disco dust.  Have you tried it?
Disco dust will make your cookies sparkle like nobody's business.
{It also drives me slightly insane, which leads me to why I apply it the way that I do.}

About the size of fine glitter, disco dust tends to spread EVERYWHERE....just like glitter.  If you attempt to sprinkle it just on one area of your cookies, I promise, it will stick to every damp surface of that cookie.  I like to apply it to a DRY cookie.

Just like applying sanding sugar, let your cookies dry overnight.
Then, you'll need this:
  • Mix equal parts meringue powder and water (for small batches, start with just 1/4 teaspoon of each).  
  • Use one paintbrush to apply the mixture onto the cookie where you want the disco dust to stick.  
  • Sprinkle on the disco dust over a basket-style coffee filter.  
  • Shake off the excess and use the filter as a funnel pour back into the container.
  • Use the 2nd (dry) paintbrush to brush off as much excess from the cookie as possible.
{Side note: unless you'd like to be WEARING disco dust all over your face and hair, I strongly discourage blowing on the cookie to remove the excess.  Not that I've ever done that or anything.}

Where to buy disco dust?
  1. Amazon
  2. Sweet Baking Supply
  3. Layer Cake Shop 
Disco for me
Now, go get your DISCO on!


  1. We have some in our drawer; Abby has used it. Not me. I'm afraid to get too fancy! LOL

    But you're the queen :) Love and miss you!

  2. Very cool technique!!

  3. I love disco dust! It's addicting! I just wish it didn't get all over everything. I'll find it in the weirdest places... even days later. :)

  4. That's a good idea. I also like to just sprinkle a little white disco dust onto a dry cookie for a more general sparkle (eg all over a butterfly). It doesn't really stick that way AS SUCH, but it stays on well enough - as you say, trying to get the stuff off a surface is harder than keeping it on there! :)

  5. Yeah, I've never blown on disco dust either. Nope never. ever...

  6. LOL I will admit to blowing on the dusted cookie before, I think it was a great way to "dress up" my day look;p

  7. Not trying to start a debate, but does it bother you that disco dust is basically ground plastic? I was doing some research one time before I used some, because my container just said non-toxic and that it was for craft use only, not that it was safe as a food item, and when I looked it up there were HUGE debates going on about whether you should use it or not. I'm just curious on your opinion (obviously you don't mind since you use it, I just wanted to know!) Thanks!

    1. interesting!

    2. I've heard that b/c of the amount you're ingesting, plus considering how infrequently you consume it, that it's not harmful. While you'd never ingest plastic in and of itself, think about how tiny and few the pieces of plastic you get in with a cookie are.

  8. Thanks for sharing this!I always end up with it everywhere!

  9. Alright, I'm the hippie who'd just freelance it all over the cookies, then end up wearing it for weeks! So, thanks for this lesson, love.

  10. I've always used miniature salt shakers. But, I think this method will make me quite happy!

  11. Hehehehehe! I've totally done the "blow" move.....sigh...

  12. One of the hings I love about your Blog is the tips and ideas you share
    Amazing,,, I learn a lot

  13. This may sound silly, but with all the disco dust on the cookie, does it feel crunchy at all when eating it? Does it change the taste/texture at all?

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  15. Works for me too! And makes me want to dance ;) Great how-to Bridget. XO

  16. Bridget, I've got to try using it just because I like saying the name! Now what can I make that needs to get it's groove on...

  17. I really wish my name was SPRINKLES.
    If my name can't be Sprinkles~I wish it could be GLITTER.
    If my name can't be Glitter~I wish it could be DISCO DUST.
    I'd just have to blow on the cookie if it meant I could walk around with HOT PINK Disco Dust in my hair and on my face.
    Just sayin'. ;)

  18. Brilliant! I was using Disco Dust last night, and ended up with it all over me- at work this morning everyone keeps asking why I am shiny! And I showered TWICE last night trying to get it all off! :)
    On the "edible" debate, I wouldn't eat it with a spoon from the jar (too expensive for that anyway, ha)- but in the small amounts that it is in on a cookie or other dessert, I am not scared in the least about eating or serving it.

  19. Believe it or not, I even use disco dust when I want to add some bling to my painted glassware. I love how fine it is compared to other glitters! I wouldn't have ordinarily have tried this but I still have a bunch left over from my cookie days and it's come in mighty handy!

  20. Disco dust is fine plastic particles not at all meant for consuming.Please do not feed this to people non toxic does not mean edible.Please take the time to research products properly before feeding them to people.:)


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