I just blogged to say I love you (Vol. 1)

{We're (ok, I'm) trying a little something new around here...a round-up of good stuff from the internets and beyond.  I'll be posting round-ups every so often because once a week would require me to be organized.} ;)

1. You know when you see something wonderful and it makes you a little teary?  Check out this video of my friend Amy's daughter singing "Hit Me with your Best Shot." Hope and her guitar-playing friend have some major talent.  I'll be first in line for their CD.

2. I've been on an ice cream kick for the last couple of weeks, and seeing THIS ice cream from Jessica did not help.  I seriously MUST have this.

3. These shoes (in red)...can't stop thinking about them. 

4. So, high temperatures are still around 90 in these parts, but I AM ready for fall...and fall flavors.  I've been dreaming of this cake from Jenna.  I predict it will make an appearance in my kitchen next week.  (And then I will devour it...in 24 hours flat.)

5. Man-pleaser Salad...it's a woman-pleaser, too...I think you'll want to try it.  And if you can get your hands on some Rogue Creamery blue cheese, all the better.


7. I dare you to read this post from Robyn and not cry.

8. Finally, I tested a swipe of dark grey polish on my nail at Target last week (yes, I'm that person), and when we got home, I couldn't not stop staring at it.  I told Mr. E, "I feel so goth with this polish."  He immediately replied, "YOU could never be goth."  Sounds kinda like a challenge to me. ;)

What have you been loving this week?

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