9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cookie Decorators

Just nine?  I know...this list could be 100 ideas, easy.

Here are 9 ideas for the cookie decorator in your life.   These are a few little things that she may not pick up for herself (or himself...just skip the apron). 

9 christmas gift ideas for cookie decorators (or any baker) from @bakeat350

  1. DoStix: For years now, I've avoided using guides for rolling dough....but you guys, I've kind of fallen in love with these.  No going to the home improvement store to have wood cut, these are washable plastic guides in several heights.  Plus, they come in red.  Super cute!  (from DoStix)
  2. Marble Pastry Board: I love my marble cutting board.  I use it not only for cookie dough, but for pie crust and bread dough as well.  There's just something about using marble that feels so fancy. Easy size to store away when not in use, too. (from Sur La Table)
  3. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons: A baker can never have too many sets of measuring spoons...and these are HEART SHAPED!  Hello!!! (from Amazon)
  4. Cocktail Apron: I've been eyeing this flirty little polka-dot apron for a couple of years now.  I mean, come ON!  How DREAMY is that?!? (from Heavenly Hostess)
  5. PME Icing Tips: I know, I know...it seems a little boring to have icing tips on a gift list, but *these* tips are like the Rolls Royce of tips.  They make a great treat for any cookie decorator.  Stocking stuffer!!!  (from Amazon)
  6. Decorating Cookies book: So, I hear the author of this book is super nice (skinny, too...that's what I heard).  Anyhoo...the book walks you through all of the cookie decorating basics, helpful hints, techniques, trouble-shooting, recipes, plus 60+ cookie projects.  (from Amazon and Barnes & Noble)
  7. Made with Love Cookie Stamp: Flat out adorable...and talk about a quick way to decorate cookies! (from World Market)
  8. Cute Dish Towel: I cannot get enough cute dish towels in my life.  I love this one especially with equivalents and measurements printed right on it. (from Crate & Barrel)
  9. Glass Bowl KitchenAid Stand Mixer: My love for my glass bowl KitchenAid cannot be overstated.  It makes me happy every time I see it on my counter.  It's a workhorse, too.  Once the cookie decorator in your life has one, she'll wonder how she ever managed without. (from Amazon)
Feel free to forward this post on to your sweeties to give them some ideas.  
If anyone sees Mr. E, can you please tell him about that polka dot cocktail apron?  

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