5 Cute and Simple Valentine Cookie Ideas

Valentine's Day always has a way of sneaking up on me, cookie-wise.  I think I love heart-shaped cookies more than anything, but always feel like I can't actually start making them until February.  Then for two weeks, my house is covered in pink and red icing.

If you want to get a head start on your Valentine cookies this year (it's only 3 weeks away), here are some ideas for you.  All 5 of these cookie designs are simple and easy to recreate:

5 cute & simple decorated valentine cookie ideas ♥

  1. Carved initials in a tree: If piping letters isn't your thing, you'll love these.  The initials are added with a food coloring pen.  Easy Peasy.
  2. True Love: Morticia & Gomez, Lucy & Ricky, William & Kate...which couples would make it on to your cookies?  I love the way the colors pop on the black outline with these.
  3. The Perfect Pair: Ok...the puns are endless with these little sock cookies.  "I'd be lost without you." ;)
  4. Olive You Martini Cookies: These are some of my favorite cookies ever.  I so wish olives really *did* have heart-shaped pimentos. ♥
  5. Double-decker striped hearts: And, this is where my obsession with the double-decker cookies was born.  Two cookies in one, people!!!

Here are some of my favorite valentine cookies from other blogs:

Will you be making Valentine cookies this year?

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