Cocktails, anyone? Presenting the CUPCAKE Lemon Drop

cupcake lemon drop cocktail recipe from @bakeat350
It's Friday.  Not that you can't make this cocktail on a Monday...and some Mondays call for a cocktail...but Fridays are an excellent excuse to break out the cocktail shaker.

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Lemon Drops: they're the perfect combination of lemon, vodka, sugar and syrup. 

Let me tell you about this Cupcake Lemon Drop's sweet and citrus-y, heady with a lemon cupcake with a definite kick.

You'll need this:
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The syrup in this drink is Cupcake's a beverage syrup like one you might have in your morning latte.
cupcake syrup for a cupcake lemon drop cocktail recipe from @bakeat350
I ordered mine directly from Torani.  Feel free to substitute vanilla syrup here (but I promise you'll smile every time you see cupcake syrup in your cabinet).

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The finishing touch is a splash or two of sparkling lemon soda.  Don't get hung up on a precise brand here...anything will work.  I tested quite a few of these (*ahem* all in the name of research and recipe development).  Sparkling lemonade, Italian lemon soda, even a Limon Izze...all work well here.

cupcake lemon drop cocktail recipe from @bakeat350
So, are you ready for cocktail hour?  Hop on over to Imperial Sugar where I'm sharing the recipe.

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