I Just Blogged to Say I Love You (Vol. 10)

I'm so embarrassed that I haven't posted one of these since SEPTEMBER!!!  Ack!  Will you forgive me if I tell you that I was working on a little (big) project for you?  Yes?  Good.

OK....lots of things to love.

i just blogged to say i love you (vol. 10)
1. Downton Abbey returns.  The two-hour premiere wasn't long enough for me.  I'm thinking, 5 hours next season?  Last week, I took this "which Downton Abbey character are you" quiz.  I'm Tom Branson.  Go figure.

2. Obsession: these.  As in, I make them and eat them ALL.  At once. 

3. Sticking with savory food for a minute, these "skinny" enchiladas were a hit at dinner last night.  I was a little nervous....neither of my boys are big butternut squash lovers, but they devoured these.  Skinny and super filling!

4. Books!  Ah! So many good ones.  These have been my favorites:  The Husband's Secret, Where'd You Go, Bernadette?, and What Alice Forgot.  All three were books that I couldn't wait to dive back into every night.  The first and third on the list are by the same author.  (Do you get on author kicks like I do?  I find one book I like, then have to read everything else by the same author.)

5. This coconut foot cream is the bomb dot com.  (I don't think people say that anymore.  *I* don't say that...but I typed it.  I'm not sure what that means.)  Anyway...I had a patch of dry skin on my foot that would not go away.  Pedicures, lotions, body oils...nothing worked.  Until this.  And it smells heavenly.  (I found mine at the grocery store.)  It makes me really uncomfortable talking about feet in the same space as baking.  Let's pretend this never happened.

6. Rose cookies by Callye.  Just beautiful. 

7. Stitch Fix: have you guys tried it, yet?  I've mentioned StitchFix before...seeing that box on my front step makes for the BEST mail day ever!!!  My last three shipments have been spot on...my stylist (how fancy does that sound?) has just knocked it out of the park lately.  I'll spare you a fashion show, but if you've ever had an inkling to try their styling service, do it!!!

8. I need this deliciousness in my life.  Hey, I just ate skinny enchiladas (see #3).  My life is about balance, people.

9. Well, I have secured my spot in the Crazy Cat Lady Club.  Our kitty, Spike, now has his own Instagram account: @maythefluffbewithyou  Kiddo and I are helping him with the typing.

Happy Friday, guys!  What have you been loving lately?  
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