Sweet on Trader Joe's Saturday: our 5-star reviews

Because we've been reviewing Trader Joe's sweets for 6 months now...and because someone is feeling lazy because it's her birthday...we bring you a round-up of the desserts that have earned 5-stars from both kiddo and me.

what to buy at trader joe's?  here's a collection of 5-star reviewed desserts and sweets

Trader Joe's 5-Star Desserts (meaning: go buy them.)  There are some of the best desserts we've found at Trader Joe's. Click the links to read our full reviews.

Read all of our Sweet on Trader Joe's posts!  See you next week!

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  1. Thanks..gee those macarons are a great buy!

    Think my little ones would like those cones and toaster pastries..

    You are lucky to have TJ's..

  2. All of those look sooo good! The next time I make a trip to trader joes, I want to try those pumpkin macarons. One of the cashiers was telling a friend of mine that they have 60 different pumpkin products!

  3. Love the lemon thins, I made a killer limoncello tiramisu this summer with them!

  4. We've tried many of these.......thanks to your suggestions. Those lemon cookies are always in our pantry now. And the little ice cream cones!!

  5. you have a lovely blog! i love it!

  6. Happy Birthday! You're making me feel the need to try out some of these sweet treats!


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