Sweet on Trader Joe's Saturday: Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies

Someone had to do it. Someone had to test out Trader Joe's latest cookie butter creation...Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies.

trader joe's cookie butter sandwich cookies review
I've had my eye on these in the store and have noticed that sometimes the shelf where they sit is empty. Always a good sign.

Trader Joe's describes these cookies as "creamy Cookie Butter spread between two decadent butter cookies." They also have a long and cute description on the side of the box explaining "c + cb = OMg" = cookie + cookie butter = Oh My goodness.

A 10-ounce box costs $3.99. There are 18 cookies per box.

trader joe's cookie butter sandwich cookies review
A mom's (my) take: I may have mentioned before that I'm usually not a fan of "butter cookies." (Which is weird considering that those are two of my favorite words.) Anyway, these butter cookies sandwiching the cookie butter are delectable. Crunchy, buttery, not overly sweet...they make the perfect foil for the creamy, spiced cookie butter in the center. Pair these with a cup of tea for a sweet afternoon snack.
Overall rating: 5 of 5 stars

A teenager's (kiddo's) take: The cookies, in my opinion, taste very similar to shortbread cookies. I love their taste! The amount of cookie butter is pretty much perfect- not an overload of it, where it is too rich; but not too little that you aren't able to taste it. There are wonderful!
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

trader joe's cookie butter sandwich cookies review

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies: a delicious cookie butter creation. 

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