Confirmation Dove Cookies

You may have noticed that the blog has been a little quiet lately. We even missed last Saturday's Trader Joe's review.

confirmation cookies : full step-by-step decorating tutorial from
The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy. Two short trips for me (but are you like me and a short trip involves at least 3 days of prep: shopping, errands, the all important pedicure, packing...and then one day to recover, so that a 3 day trip is more like 7?)...kiddo's Confirmation, and our school's big fundraising gala. Can you guess which mom can't say no to signing up for every committee? You guessed it.

confirmation dove cookies : full step-by-step decorating tutorial from
I've come to realize over the years that busy is not my strong suit. Some people thrive on it...and are GREAT at sister, my friend Beverly...they can juggle 4 and 5 kids respectively, plan parties, volunteer, clean the house, have the laundry ironed, and redecorate a room all while wearing a smile and lipstick...and I bet they'd be able to keep up with a blog as well. Me? Not so much. Hence, the blog has been on the back burner lately.

confirmation dove cookies : full step-by-step decorating tutorial from
ANYWAY...kiddo...(Can we call him Jack now? Yes, I think we can.) JACK celebrated his Confirmation earlier this month. It was the most beautiful ceremony and the most beautiful day.

Mr. E and I sat in the front row in, it's amazing what you can see up there (!)...and the absolute JOY on the teens' faces as they were confirmed was something to behold.

Here are a few pictures from the reception in the gym. (Why is the lighting in gyms always horrible?!?) Here's Jack with some of his dear friends, his Confirmation sponsor...and us. I'll confess that as this picture was taken, I was saying to myself, "don't do the squinchy eyes; don't do the squinchy eyes." It didn't work.
 photo confirmation collage.jpg

Confirmation cookies...they're so easy to make.

This cookie cutter was purchased at Target at Christmastime, but you can find some other dove cookie cutters here, here, here, and here.

confirmation cookies : full step-by-step decorating tutorial from
To make the dove cookies, you'll need:
confirmation cookies outline photo confirmation 2015 outline rounded 1 of 2.jpg
Use a #2 tip to outline the dove shape. Reserve some of this icing for piping details later.

Thin the icing with water, a bit at a time, stirring with a silicone spatula, until it is the consistency of a thick syrup. You'll want to drop a "ribbon" of icing back into the bowl and have it disappear in a count of "one thousand one, one thousand two." Four is too thick, one is too thin. Count of 2-3 is good. Cover with a damp dishcloth and let sit for several minutes.

Stir gently with a silicone spatula to pop and large air bubbles that have formed. Pour into a squeeze bottle. Fill in the outlines with the thinned icing, using a toothpick to guide to the edges and to pop large air bubbles.

confirmation cookies flood photo confirmation 2015 outline rounded 2 of 2.jpg
Let the cookies set for about 1 hour.  Switch the tip to a #1 and add the white detail piping and personalize, if desired

confirmation cookies detail 1 photo confirmation 2015 details rounded 1 of 2.jpg
 Let the cookies dry, uncovered, 6-8 hours or overnight.

confirmation cookies : full step-by-step decorating tutorial from
Once the icing is completely dry, use food coloring pens to add a beak and an eye.

Place in a treat bag, tie with ribbon, and you have Confirmation gifts at the ready. ♥


  1. Great pics:) and cute son and cookies:)
    I love days like that.

  2. Oh my gosh Bridget these are gorgeous! I'm with you, I do not thrive on being busy whatsoever. I need my down time :)

  3. What a special time for all of you...and special cookies too. :) Congrats to Jack and his proud parents!

  4. Yay! We can all call him Jack now :) My goodness he is growing into such a handsome young man. That smile is going to open so many doors for him and I just know he has the warm and wonderful personality to go with it! Congratulations to Jack on his confirmation. Your dove cutter was the perfect cutter for these pretty confirmation cookies. Reminds me of all the pictures of The Holy Spirit I saw in my Catechism books as a child.

  5. Congratulations! Cookies are beautiful :) And you're right, some people lead such busy lives...personally, I prefer to function with a decent amount of relaxation time built in to my day!

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  8. Beautiful cookies! Beautiful Day!

  9. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

  10. Haha when you said his name I was just like THERE IT IS. It's like that small detail in a show that you've watched for years and always been curious about but have tried to let go (a little less dramatic than waiting 9 seasons to find out who the mother is). Anyway, I adore the name Jack, and even though my husband and I don't have kids yet, I've been trying to convince him that Jack is a good choice. I think 4 letter names have such strength, plus I just love the way Jack sounds, and, well, my husband and I first fell in love out of a mutual respect for Mr. Daniels, so, yeah, why not Jack, right?

  11. Oh my! These are really pretty cookies! They look neatly cut and well-designed. These are good for giveaways or gifts, simply on a big plate of snacks for a Sunday morning treat. You not only have a baker’s hands, but apparently an artist’s as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Teri Harris @ CaigerAndCoCatering

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  13. These are really sweet cookies! I guess I was open :)

  14. Thanks for sharing great blog

    These are really very cute cookies!


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