7 Cookie Ideas for Mother's Day

How many times has your mom made cookies for you? Well, it's time to repay the favor...and show her that you were paying attention in the kitchen.

Plus, if you're really sweet, she might even share.

Here are seven of my favorite cookies for Mother's Day. 

Before you say that you can't decorate cookies with royal icing, one involves buttercream and another a pourable glaze. See? I'm not letting you off the hook that easily. I can dispense mom guilt even if I didn't give birth to you.
(This is getting weird.)

7 cookies to make and decorate for Mother's Day!

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1. Gold Chevron Stenciled Thank You Cookies: Don't let the stencil scare you. In fact, you could skip it completely and just make the floral thank you cookies. I wish I would have said more "thank you's" to my mom. Here's your chance.

2. Wonder Woman Cookies: Kisser of Boo-Boo's, Wiper of Noses, Driver of Carpool, Teacher of All Subjects, Fixer of Science Fair Tri-Boards (or entire projects), Chef of Tacos and Fish Sticks, Keeper of the Household (my husband will laugh when he reads that one), Coordinator of Playdates, Volunteer at All School Functions, Packer of Lunches (ugh), Planner of Parties, Shopper of Groceries (remember when that was fun?!?), Folder of Laundry, QUEEN of the Castle. Yep, Wonder Woman.

3. Painted Rose Mom Cookies: You'll only need one color of icing for these and next to no artistic skills. Trust me...I paint about as well as I scrapbook, which is to say I'm terrible at it.

4. Buttercream Yellow Rose Cookies: These are probably the quickest to make out the bunch. They are SO, SO good.

5. Sugar Cookie Bars with Strawberry Glaze and Sugared Flowers: Bar cookies...love them. The sugared edible flowers are just so beautiful. How often has your mom been able to EAT her flowers on Mother's Day? You can find edible flowers in the fresh herb section in your grocery store.

6. Lattice Sculpted Rose Cookies: These cookies make a statement. The 3-D roses and leaves are made using silicone molds and fondant. I'd actually love a dress in this pattern. Very girly, very sweet.

7. Scallop Dot Rose Cookies: Scallops, and dots, and roses...oh my! With a few simple techniques, you can have these cookies decorated in no time. Play with the colors or shapes...hearts would be adorable, too!

Oh! And if you have Decorating Cookies Party, don't forget to check out the Seed Packet cookie set. Those would be SO cute to give a garden loving mom or nana! ♥

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