9 Dude-Approved Father's Day Dessert Ideas

Father's Day: hammock, burger, beer, new tie. Dad deserves something sweet, too.

Here are 9 of my favorite (dude-approved) Father's Day dessert ideas/recipes:
9 Dude-Approved Father's Day Dessert Ideas

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1. Peanut Butter Swirl Chocolate Chip Blondies. My dudes are lovers of all things peanut butter and chocolate. These are rich, creamy, substantial (read: manly), blondies sure to put a smile on dad's face. Maybe he'll share.

2. Cheeseburger Cookies. Simple mini chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies snadwiched together with fondant cheese (who doesn't love fondant cheese?) and a little frosting for the ketchup, mustard, and lettuce. Easier to make and assemble than you might think, and a super fun project for the kids.

3. Cigar Cookies. The only cigars you'll ever allow in the house. Easy to personalize with dad's initial.

4. Cupcakes-on-Tap. Yep, beer cupcakes. Beer in the cake; beer in the frosting...topped with a chocolate covered pretzel. No swirly piped frosting for these; the frosting is plopped on with an ice cream scoop. Very masculine. 
9 Dude-Approved Father's Day Dessert Ideas
5. Fried Chicken Cookies. No chicken was harmed in the making of these cookies. Simple to make...big impact. Ask for an empty bucket at KFC. Still some of my favorite cookies I've ever made. ♥

6. Cookie Fries with Buttercream Ketchup. You know the only thing that would makes these better? Eating them alongside regular fries.

7. Bacon-Banana Pancakes with Buttery Bourbon Maple Syrup. Um, these are pretty much all of my husband's favorite breakfast items rolled into one. Wait...he rarely has bourbon for breakfast. ;) Anyhoo...planning a breakfast in bed for dad this Father's Day? Make these. (Not technically a dessert, I know, I know.)

8. Hot Dog and Beer Cookies. Yes, your dad will love and appreciate these. Also, why aren't there more beer-related goodies for Mother's Day?

9. Pecan Chewies. These mini pecan pies are a hit with every man in my life...my husband, my dad, my son, my uncle...the UPS guy. Who can blame them? A cream cheese crust with a brown sugar/vanilla/pecan filling in a mini size is pretty much irresistible.

What are you making for Father's Day dessert? 

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