Incredible Cinnamon Roll Cookies

You've heard of cookies for breakfast. How about breakfast for cookies?
(Or something like that.)
cinnamon roll cookies with cream cheese glaze

Cinnamon Roll Cookies. 

A vanilla sugar cookie dough is rolled with a brown sugar-cinnamon-pecan swirl and drizzled with a cream cheese glaze. I'm not sure whether to eat them for breakfast or dessert, so I've decided to eat them for both.

cinnamon roll cookies with cream cheese glaze
The swirl of cinnamon makes them looks fancy, but they're really quite simple to make.

how to slice refrigerated cookies with dental floss
Want to have a little fun? Try slicing them with unwaxed dental floss instead of a knife to help the cookies keep their shape. (You can always press to reshape them a bit once they're on the cookie sheet.)

cinnamon roll cookies with cream cheese glaze
Cookies. Breakfast. Dessert. Love. 

I'm sharing the recipe over at Imperial Sugar. Hop over there to find the full recipe.
cinnamon roll cookies with cream cheese glaze



  1. I've always wanted to make Cinnamon Roll cookies!
    Sound so good!
    I'm making my first ever cinnamon rolls when guest arrive for July 4th holiday!

  2. These make me so blissfully happy - I simply MUST make them!!

  3. Hi, first time commenter over here *waves*! (Although I have been following you for at least two years now). I saw this recipe this morning and immediately jumped at the chance to make these. I forgot to put salt in the dough (I only use unsalted butter) and completely forgot about the egg wash too, leading to falling apart cookies, and omitted the glaze, but they still taste really good! Looking forward to making these again, but then the right way :D. I immensely enjoy your posts, especially the Trader Joe's ones as we don't have most of those awesome treats over here and I hope to follow you and your blog for many years to come :)
    A big hug from The Netherlands!

  4. Pardon me while I sing "ooh baby I love your way" for a few minutes while gazing upon these cookies dreamily.

  5. I made these. They are really good.

  6. These look really delicious but I was wondering if they are hard rather then soft like cinnamon rolls?

    1. Hey there! They're not soft and doughy like cinnamon rolls. They're a cookie texture with a cinnamon roll look and flavor. :)


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