Patriotic Stripes, Bunting, and Stars...oh my!

4th of july patriotic decorated cake cookies set + tutorial
I need to get reacquainted with my best friend, the black-outlined cookie. Every time I make one...or see's automatically my favorite.

4th of july patriotic decorated cake cookies set + tutorial
These 4th of July cookie "cakes" came about when I was searching through my cookie cutter stash for some clever patriotic shape to decorate.

Pumpkins?  Not quite right.
Butterflies?  Hmm...maybe.
Armadillos?  Promising...

CAKES?!? Now, why didn't I think of that before?!?

4th of july decorated cookies with bunting + easy tutorial
I just love that little star on the top of the cake. I think this would be DARLING as a birthday cake cookie, too. Actually, have you heard of STAR BIRTHDAYS? My aunt clued me into these. It's when the age you are turning matches your birth date. For example...if you were born on the 24th of a month, the year you turn 24 would be your star birthday.

Y'all...let's make star birthdays a thing.

OK, back to the 4th of July.
double-decker 4th of july patriotic decorated cookies from
You'll need these recipes: perfect every time cut-out cookies & royal icing

To make the star cake cookies, you'll be putting to shapes together, like this:
Cut out tiered cakes and small stars...
4th of july decorated cookies with bunting + easy tutorial

...use the star cutter to cut out where you want to place the star on the cake...
how to combine two cookie shapes into one for custom decorated cookies the star in the cut-out and freeze for 5-10 minutes before baking.
(You DO freeze your cookies before baking, right?)
how to combine two cookie shapes into one for a custom cookie shape

For the double-decker cookies, you'll put those together just like these double-decker valentine cookies.
double-decker 4th of july cake decorated cookies
(The stars on the blue cookies are just sugar pearls.)

For the star-topped cakes, just outline with a #2 tip and black icing.
4th of july decorated cookies with bunting + easy tutorial
Before filling a black outline with another color, you'll want to let it dry for at least one hour to prevent bleeding.  {I use AmeriColor Super Black.}

After an hour, fill in the outline with thinned white icing.  Let the icing dry for at least one hour.

Again with the #2 tip, go over the outline of the star and pipe "bunting" across the cake.  Fill in the bunting with red and blue icings.  (Piping consistency icing is fine here...flood icing in tiny spaces has a tendency to collapse.)

Place small star sprinkles on the bunting with tweezers, or place on and nudge gently into place with a toothpick.

Let the cookies dry overnight.
4th of july decorated cookies with bunting + easy tutorial

Happy birthday, America!!!
May your fireworks show not be rained out, may your sparklers not burn your fingers, and may none of your fireworks be duds.
4th of july patriotic decorated cake cookies
*portions of this post were originally published on the blog in 2012.*


  1. Replies
    1. Going out with a bang with cookies like these! Put me in coach, I'm ready to play (gym teacher here).

  2. These are adorable Bridget!! Have a safe and happy July 4th!!!

  3. Darling! Love the ones with bunting! Mac's STAR bday is THIS YEAR!!

  4. What a festive idea! I love these patriotic treats. Since my birthday is a few weeks after the 4th, I'll be able to enjoy the birthday cake version in the same month.

    Happy Tuesday, Bridget :)

  5. Thanks for the reminder of BLACK OUTLINING! It's so sophisticated looking and really makes the design stand out! Love it, Bridget.

  6. Those are adorable! Great for the 4th. LOVE your cookies. I'm really trying to improve my cookie skills. Glad I found your blog!

  7. I love these cookies! And they'd be perfect for star birthdays.

  8. Wow, the cookies look beautiful and cute. I will try to make it, thanks for sharing the way to make it.
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