Golden Delicious (cookie) Apples

Just like October and November require pumpkin cookies, September requires apples.

Fall is the season I look most forward to most. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer produce: plumcots, apruims, can keep your watermelon and corn...but my heart did skip a beat yesterday when I spied the first Honeycrisp apples of the season. Fall is around the corner! Yay!

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
Along with fall comes school, and I figured, since Jack is off learning new things like pre-calculus and social dance (the foxtrot!!!), I should probably learn something new as well. Here's what I tried:
  • tipless bags
  • Rolkem Gold 

So, tipless bags are made to be used, um, tipless. That is, you fill the bag with icing and snip the tip to the size you want. The bags are super inexpensive and thinner than your usual piping bag. 

Sweet Hope Cookies has a great video about using them here

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
For these cookies, you use the same consistency icing for the entire cookie. You know I've been doing the outline, thin, and flood method forEVER, so I need to work on getting the consistency down for going tipless. (Spell check is so wanting to change that to "topless.")'ll see that some of my cookies aren't completely smooth. 

using rolkem gold for cookie decorating
Now, Rolkem Gold I didn't know I needed until about a week ago. Sharon from Truly Mad Plastics mentioned on Instagram that they'd be getting some in stock and people were going bananas in the comments. Well, that's good enough for me...I had to have some, too. (I'm not sure what this says about me, but I don't think it's good.)

Rolkem Gold is a gold powder that you mix with alcohol or extract to paint onto cookies like luster dust. Yes, it's edible.  Did I notice a difference over the luster dust I normally use? Yes. The Rolkem went on smoother and had better coverage. I'm looking forward to playing with it some more. 

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
OK...let's make some golden delicious apple cookies, shall we? 

You'll need: 
apple cut out cookies
Make the cookies. (I like to use these Do Stix for rolling.)

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
Once the icing has been divided and tinted, thin the 3 icings with a bit of water to a medium consistency, between a stiff piping consistency and a thin one for flooding. When you stir the icing, you'll want it to smooth out after jiggling the bowl several times. If it smooths out right away, add in some more powdered sugar. If it doesn't move, add in more water. 

Pour the icing into the tipless bag and cut off a bit of the tip. Outline the cookie. Once the cookies are outlined, cut off a bit more of the tip and fill in the cookie. (You don't have to cut off more of the bag, it just makes filling in the outline quicker. 

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
Add the stem and leaf. (You'll do the same with the pink and green apples, adding the stem and leaf with the untinted icing.)

Let the cookies dry uncovered for 6-8 hours or overnight. 

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
Once the cookies have dried, mix the Rolkem Gold (or any gold luster dust) with vodka. Paint on the gold as you wish, using paintbushes. 

For thick stripes, use a flat paintbrush. 

add gold dots to a cookie with a new, clean pencil eraser
For the dots, I used a pencil eraser. (It was brand new, but I cleaned it first anyway.) For the dots, make sure the gold mixture is stirred well, then dip the eraser into the gold and press onto the cookie. 

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
The gold will dry fairly quickly as the alcohol evaporates. (On that note, if you notice that your gold mixture is getting thick and difficult to work with, add in some more vodka. And as Mr. E always reminds me....put the cap back on the vodka bottle; it might evaporate!) 

golden delicious apple cookies : tips and decorating tutorial
Super simple apples made super fancy with a bit of gold. We didn't even have to wash tips or couplers! I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! ;) 

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  1. My wishlist just got bigger..that gold:)
    One of my daughters is a French teacher in Kindergarden..these would be so cute.
    You made me laugh w/ spellcheck..I have ,thank goodness caught some doozies on my part..and some I was too late..

  2. I am also excited for the fall flavors! Especially the apples.
    But these apples are so cute!! I love that you used a pencil for your decorating. Your kids aren't the only ones who needed new school supplies ;)

  3. I think I'll have to break out the luster dust for my next decorating. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I honestly thought you were just being cheeky with that "new pencil with eraser" comment since it's back to school, but then, there it was, you actually USED it haha. Love the gold, and it looks like it goes on with much better coverage than luster dust -- can't wait to try it!

  5. Such great gold color on those cookies. Where did you find the Rolkem?

  6. You make me laugh, Bridget. :) I need some of that gold stuff too...pronto! The cookies look so beautiful with the gold!

  7. Bridget,
    The gold on those cookies looks fantastic. I'm a fan of using the tipless bags too. A lot less cleanup.

  8. Rolkem gold is not an approved color additive for use in the US. Although it is described by the South African manufacturer as "non-toxic, edible", those 2 terms are not used together to describe things that go on food. Non-toxic is never used to describe an approved food additive.

    Besides the fact that the labeling of the product doesn't meet US standards--we don't use "EU" numbers to name ingredients--EU 175 is gold. Gold is not an approved food additive in the US.

    As for being "approved" in other countries, well, there are many things that are approved in other countries that are not approved to be eaten here, and vice versa.

    The wisest way to treat these colors is as non-toxic, for decoration only--and not to use them directly on food that will be eaten.

    I'm not talking off of the top of my head, I've verified everything that I've said in a 45 min. conversation with the FDA.

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  10. Thank you so much for commenting, it is lovely and really makes my day!

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