Cookbook Crush, September 2016: French Desserts

Ooo-la-la! Do you ever pick up a cookbook and find that your heart starts beating a little faster? Almost like you're in love? That's what happened to me when I picked up French Desserts by Hillary Davis.

Look at the cover! It's so beautiful!

The book is a big, heavy hardback that just feels like it's special.

Inside, there are recipe for cakes, cookies, crepes, mousses, tarts, truffles., for sure.

You know what I love about French desserts, and I think this book captures it so well, is that French desserts look homey. Not homeLY....homey. There's even a chapter called "Homey Cakes." Many of the cakes in the book are made in loaf pans or mini muffin tins. See what I mean? Homey. ♥

Here are a few pictures from the inside...

I did make the Plenty of Pears Salted Caramel Cake, also known as an invisible cake (!), but I didn't read the instructions well and made it in the wrong size pan. Oops!

I made it again, but ran out of pears and made a combination pear-apple cake. I won't be sharing the recipe since that's not how the author intended it, but it was GOOD! I ate it for dinner last night. ;) (Don't you love being an adult?)

French Desserts by Hillary Davis.
You probably want to make a spot for it in your kitchen.



  1. It looks so good..I have made a big French cookie before and it is fun to break away.
    The first time I heard of this lovely baker was when she was on Hélène's Blog..Mais qu'est-ce qu'on mange ce soir a Cannes?
    She visited and it was so nice to see them all together.
    So pretty the book and the cake..
    we do get crushes don't we?
    I do!


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