Cream Cheese Coffeecake Cookies

If you love coffeecake, if you love soft, pillowy cookies, if you love're about to fall in love again.

*this post is sponsored by Imperial Sugar.

Cream Cheese Coffeecake Cookies. The cookie base is thick and soft with a little tanginess from the cream cheese. Piled on top is a buttery, brown sugar cinnamon streusel. They're dreamy.

You'll make the streusel first. Place it in the fridge while you make the cookie dough to keep it cool...and to keep from eating it. (Maybe that's just me.)

Two kinds of sugar, cream cheese and butter make the base of the cookie soft and delicious. A bit of the streusel gets folded into the cookie dough.

Scoop the dough onto cookie sheet, then press lightly down with a floured juice glass.

Next up, press a heaping spoonful of streusel onto each cookie and bake.

These really are a dessert, but since they're inspired by coffeecake...I say you can absolutely eat them for breakfast.

My recipe for Cream Cheese Coffeecake Cookies is up at Imperial Sugar.  
You're going to love them...for dessert OR for breakfast! ;) Grab the recipe today!



  1. Anything w/ a crumble♥
    Too funny Bridget,we ate at one of our daughters and she had YOUR parchment I see..ours is the Costco make w/ no writing..I asked her for a piece I liked it so put on my blog w/ cookies..:) I forgot it there..and now I see thought cute too:)
    They look waonderful.

  2. Noo, it's not just you... I can't stop myself from eating the dough! When the first batch of cookies is done I don't even want to eat them anymore because I feel so full already, haha. Anyways, these look to die for and I love that you added cream cheese to cookies! Have to try them as soon as I'm strong enough to resist eating the streusel ;)

  3. These have to be the most perfect cookies I have ever seen. And even better -- I can eat them for breakfast!

  4. check this out


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