I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts (cupcake cookies)


Do you think Ray Parker Jr. was just using poor grammar when he sang "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts," or do you think that was a really clever way to use the double negative to say that we ARE afraid of ghosts? Poetic license at work?

When I was a little girl (and I can still recall the exact road we were driving down), I remember listening to the radio in the car and asking my mom why Jim Croce could sing a bad word in "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." She said he had poetic license. For YEARS, I thought artists, musicians, and actors all were given an actual license that entitled them to use bad words and bad grammar. (I'm sure I also wondered where I could pick up one of those for my own use.)

Well, there's no need to be afraid of THESE ghosts. They're sweet, not spooky. Ghost Cupcake Cookies.

Super simple to make, these cookies are cute without being scary. I just love their little spider web cupcake liners.

I'm sharing the step-by-step tutorial for making them over on the Imperial Sugar blog today. I'd love it if you'd go take a peek

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