Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Decorating Line!!!

I promised a couple of weeks ago after making the Dia de los Muertos cookies, that I'd show you more of the Sweet Sugarbelle cookie decorating products. Here we go.

Let's start with the cutters. Callye (Sweet Sugarbelle) has always had an eye for shapes. It's one of the things I've been amazed to watch following her over the years. Her mind has a way of seeing all of the possibilities from one shape.

The Shape Shifter line of cookie cutters lets us all have that ability...with Sugarbelle's help. See above how the balloon cutter can also make a pirate or a whale??? 

These little tools are great for trimming cookies to make one shape into another. So smart!

I love the little instruction cards and stencils that come along. (See how I used these here.)

Speaking of stencils, use them with Sugarbelle's COOKIE COLORED food coloring pen! Genius!!!

There are spatulas, scribes, couplers, and tips, of course.

These piping bags are so good! I love the feel of them.

Check your local Michael's store to see the full line! I know here in Houston, some stores have it and some don't (yet), so do some checking around...it's worth the hunt!

You can also find Sugarbelle products at HSN, amazon, and in online baking supply shops.

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