White Texas Sheet Cake

We all know traditional Texas Sheet Cake, or at least I hope we all know it. My hips know it well. A soft, thin cake topped with a warm fudge and pecan icing that's poured over the hot cake. Yep, that's Texas Sheet Cake. Oh man, it's so good.

White Texas Sheet Cake | bakeat350.net

*this post is sponsored by Imperial Sugar.

I present to you White Texas Sheet Cake. 
The same soft textured cake, the same poured-on icing, but in this version, butter, vanilla, and toasted pecans shine.

Don't you just love toasted pecans? All the better if they're Texas pecans. ;)

Texas Sheet Cake comes together in a flash, which makes it the perfect weeknight dinner...and it's portability makes it just the thing to bring to a potluck.

I'm sharing my recipe over at Imperial Sugar today. Imperial is a Texas brand, so using it makes your Texas Sheet Cake all the more authentic!

Come over and grab the recipe...you'll be glad you did.

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