Macaroon Brownies

Macaroon Brownies |

I'm on a coconut kick. It seems to happen about this time every year. Maybe because coconut is the closest thing to snow that I'm going to see each winter.

*post and recipe are sponsored by Imperial Sugar.
Macaroon Brownies | for @imperialsugar

These macaroon brownies are so rich, so decadent, so chewy, so're going to want make these again and again.

You'll make the brownie layer first. It's super fudgy, studded with mini chocolate chips...bordering on sinful.

The macaroon top is chewy and topped with a generous squiggle of chocolate. You could definitely eat these brownies with a fork; they're substantial.

Macaroon Brownies | for @imperialsugar
I'm sharing the recipe over on Imperial Sugar today

Go grab it and make some coconut "snowy" goodness in your kitchen....whether it's snowing at your house or not!



  1. This looks absolutely heavenly! Thanks Bridget!

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  3. Gosh, I'm glad you were on a coconut kick when you made these! They are gorgeous and I could eat a couple right now with my coffee! Delicious! xo

  4. Thank you.
    I was cake but it was very sweet :(
    I put too much sugar

  5. All I can say is "wow". Thinking my coconut lover mom would love a pan of these for Christmas!

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  7. Great! I can't wait to get it ready! Thank you very much


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