We Love You, Conrad...er, Cookies. (Bye Bye Birdie Cookies)

I CANNOT believe that I forgot to post these. I only realized it when I was searching my own blog (I know, it's weird) for these cookies and saw they weren't there.

bye bye birdie decorated cookies

Way back in November (remember November?), Jack's school put on their very first full-length theater production, Bye Bye Birdie. The school is new and one of the things I love about it is that the students have the chance to try different activities. In other words, the kids don't need to have played competitive soccer since the age of 3 to be on the high school soccer team.

bye bye birdie decorated cookies

Jack tried out for the musical despite never having been in choir. He's a musical kid...he learned piano by ear, but I've never really heard him sing.

bye bye birdie , albert and rosie

Lo and behold, he ended up with the part of Albert Peterson...Mr. Phi Beta Kappa Peterson...the part played by Dick Van Dyke in the movie. (Raise your hand if you're smitten with Dick Van Dyke.)

Albert Peterson is the character that sings "Put on a Happy Face!" ♥

bye bye birdie high school musical

You know when you're so happy and so excited and so proud of your child and at the same time you're thinking, "oh my gosh, I hope this goes well." That was me. For weeks leading up the performances, I would just casually suggest he sing a few numbers for us. Maybe practice a few lines. Nope...he was having none of the practicing at home within earshot of parents.

Remember I said we'd never heard him sing before? OK...you're catching my drift. I was a tad nervous for him.

bye bye birdie , we love you conrad cookies

bye bye birdie decorated cookies

Guess what? The entire cast, not just Jack, knocked it out of the park. Those two performance nights are now two of my favorite memories.

Not only were we happy for Jack, but we were so grateful for this school that lets students try new things...and for teachers who give kids the confidence they need to go out on a limb.

(How cute is this little autograph-seeker?) 

bye bye birdie decorated cookies

Of course, I made cookies. It had to happen. No tutorials here, but you get the idea. I used royal icing for most of the decorating. The records are made with black and white fondant.

We gave them away to the cast and parents after the last show. The cookies were sweet, but the memories are sweeter.

bye bye birdie decorated cookies

Thanks for letting me have my proud mommy moment.
Whatever will I blog about next year when he's in college?

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