Hi friends! I just wanted to call your attention to a few changes on the ol' blog. :)

Bake at 350 blog

1. Bake at 350 can now be found at! There's a long story behind this that I won't bore you with...unless it's over cocktails, but yes...the blog is now a .net. Not to worry if you've ever bookmarked or pinned a recipe, those links will all still work! You should still be receiving posts via email and reader.
(The blog is still hosted on blogger, just the URL has changed.)

I can't wait to show you some other changes!!! If you're reading this via a reader or email, please click over!

2. I've been working with the lovely Carrie from Carrie Loves on some much needed and overdue updates to the blog. (If you blog or have a website that needs some work, I cannot recommend Carrie highly enough. She goes above and beyond...not to mention, she's lightning fast!)

Bake at 350 recipe index drop-down menu

3. Drop-Down Menus! *cue angels singing* I'm way overdue on this. Now the recipe index and cookie index are easily accessible from the navigation bar. (Also, this forced me to update my very neglected indexes. I promise to keep up with them now.)

Here's the cookie index:
Bake at 350 cookie index drop-down menu

...and what you'll see when you make a selection. (This is the cut-out cookies recipe index.)
Bake at 350 recipe index page

4. There's more! These cute little circles at the end of each post will suggest similar content. I had something like this before, but Carrie made it better...and cuter. I'm all for cuter.

5. Mobile friendly! If you're on your phone, you'll see that the blog is now more mobile-friendly. Yay!

Can you believe that December will mark 10 years of Bake at 350?!? Thanks so much to you all for reading, whether you're one of the 3 reading from the start, or you're just finding the blog today! ♥



  1. Hope your posts still come to me!:)

    1. Yes! It switched over about a week ago. You should still be receiving the feed with the new URL. Let me know if you have any issues. :)

  2. This arrived in my Feedly as usual - YAY! The makeover looks great Bridget! <3

  3. Love you before all the changes, but now Bake at 350 is even BETTER <3

  4. Thanks for the mention Bridget! It is always a pleasure working with you. xo

    {I just added the little degree icon next to 350°, you'll see it in the browser tab & footer copyright - it's fancy!}

  5. Changes are always welcomed because they're a sign of evolution to better. Congrats!!

  6. Great job! I love your blog. I need to subscribe to it.


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