10 Years of Blogging : 10 Favorite Recipes

Guys, this was tough. Tougher even than choosing the 10 favorite decorated cookies. We're going to power through. Let me mention here that I keep a long list of favorites right here on the blog.

If you missed yesterday, we're celebrating 10 years of Bake at 350. 10 years of sugar. 10 years of cookies. 10 years of awkward stories. 10 years of way too many ellipses...

Let's do this... (see what I mean?)
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1. Twix Brownies

Twix brownies | bakeat350.net

This is the recipe most requested by Jack's friends. Jack even asked a girl to prom with them. ♥ There are no actual Twix in these brownies. There's a thick, fudgy brownie, topped with shortbread cookies, covered in caramel, and slathered with chocolate frosting. Make them. Shred your bikini.

2. Pecan Chewies

pecan chewies | bakeat350.net

My mom's classic recipe. My uncle's favorite. Every time I make them, someone asks for the recipe.

3. Yellow Cake with Cookie Dough Filling and Fudge Frosting

yellow cake with cookie dough filling and fudge frosting | bakeat350.net

Just from the name alone, it deserves a place on the list.

10 Years of Blogging : 10 Favorite Decorated Cookies

Ten! (10!!!!!!!!) This Sunday marks 10 years of Bake at 350.
How in the world did this happen?

Once upon a time, my sister and I had a little (private) blog where we shared complete randomness, recipes, and horrible photos. (My photos were horrible...hello, flash!...hers were actually good.) After almost a year, I decided that maybe I'd try a new blog where I could share with relatives who were interested how I was decorating cookies.

Never in a million years did I think that anyone else would read it. From this little post (with one photo...ONE!), Bake at 350 was born. Fun fact: Mr. E came up with the name "Bake at 350." I think I was zeroing in on "Bridget's Cookie Blog." Thank goodness for Mr. E.

Today, to celebrate 10 years, I thought I'd share my 10 favorite decorated cookies. (This was tough, as I still have many more favorites.) Here they are, in no particular order.
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1. Double-Decker Stripey Hearts

Double-Decker Stripey Hearts decorated cookies | bakeat350.net

So simple, but I love them so. The stripes, the double-decker-ness, the black and white. These speak to me.

2. Painted Christmas Trees

painted christmas tree cookies, inspired by Sur la Table | bakeat350.net

Christmas cookies are always special, but I love these because at the time I used a couple of new techniques. They're also inspired by some Christmas dishes at Sur la Table that I drool over every year. Maybe someday I'll treat myself.

3. Take a Little Pizza My Heart Cookies

Take a Pizza my Heart Decorated Cookies | bakeat350.net

Oh gosh, I love everything about these. From the heart-shaped pepperoni, to the melty cheese, to the cheesy title. Love.

4. Leprechaun Cookies

lerprechaun cookies | bakeat350.net

OK...every time I see this guy, he makes me smile. That beard just kills me.

Pecan Pie Decorated Cookies + Brown Sugar and Orange Cut-Outs

Pecan Pie Decorated Cookies + a recipe for Brown Sugar and Orange Cut-Outs

As much as I love pie, and I do, I also want a non-pie dessert option at Thanksgiving. Let's be honest...you'll need Thanksgiving desserts to last all week. There's nothing better than waking up and remembering there are still cookies and pie waiting in the kitchen.

*this post is sponsored by Imperial Sugar

Inspired by Sweet Sugarbelle's pumpkin pie slice cookies, I decided to go the pecan pie route. Not only are these decorated like pecan pie, but the cut-out cookies are a nod to the traditional pecan pie flavors.

Pecan Pie Decorated Cookies + a recipe for Brown Sugar and Orange Cut-Outs | bakeat350.net

My husband took a big batch of these to work and called later in the day to say,
"These are the BEST decorated cookies I've ever eaten!" 
That man has been eating decorated cookies for as long as I've been making them...about 18 years!

The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends Latest Post : Cobblers, Crisps, and Crumbles

Cobblers, Crisps, and Crumbles for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends

Cobblers, crumbles, and crisps—oh my! Maybe it’s a Texas thing, but when I was growing up, any warm fruit dessert with some sort of baked topping was called a “cobbler.” I say maybe this is a function of living in Texas because we do the same thing when it comes to soft drinks.

This is a typical conversation at a party:

“Would you like a Coke?” 


“What kind?”

“I’ll have a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.” 

Over on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends, I'm sharing the differences between the three...although, don't sweat it if your blueberry cobbler has been a crisp all along.

And doesn't a warm apple cobbler a la mode sound like the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table?

Cobblers, Crisps, and Crumbles | bakeat350.net for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends

Read all about it over at Ree's

3 Thanksgiving Baking Hacks

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of H-E-B. The opinions and text are all mine.

Thanksgiving rolls around, and I have all of these lofty baking ideas. A checklist for Thanksgiving Day, treats for the week, homemade breakfasts (especially if we're having company). Sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed with the idea of doing IT ALL that I don't enjoy the things that matter. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy the cornbread dressing and pie.

There's no guilt in having a few baking hacks up your sleeve. As a matter of fact, it's smart. You can enjoy a relaxing few days with family and friends without stress...or without throwing your hands up in defeat and heading out for Tex-Mex. (Been there, done that.)

I've waxed poetic about my grocery store, H-E-B, before. Well, maybe I haven't been poetic about it, but I love my Texas grocery store chain. All three of these helpful holiday hacks, along with a few extras, came straight from my grocery store.

1. Pretty (and easy) Pies

pretty piecrust using store-bought crust | bakeat350.net

I usually make two pies for Thanksgiving. While pie crust isn't hard to make, it is one more item on the to-do list. So, making one pie entirely from scratch is great, using a store-bought pie crust for the other saves time AND lets you get a little creative.
HEB piecrust | 3 Thanksgiving Baking Hacks
making pretty piecrust with store-bought dough | 3 Thanksgiving Baking Hacks