Fall Break Eats

Jack was home for fall break last week. What a gift to parents of college students! An entire week to look at my baby's face! AH!

We didn't go anywhere. Jack visited with some friends and was happy for some downtime. We also ate some good stuff while Jack was home...now I'm on Operation Work Off Fall Break Calories...and I want to share some of the deliciousness with you.

First up, I learned a lesson. Last year, every time Jack was about to come home on break, I would ask him, "Is there anything special you'd like to eat when you're home?" His answer always, "Not that I can think of." Okaaaaaaaaaay.

I wised up this time around. I texted him, "What cookies would you like in the cookie jar: chocolate chip, peanut butter, or peanut butter chocolate chip?" PEANUT BUTTER was his answer. So, we had the peanut butter cookies from The Cookie Book by Rebecca First. (Remember I made the pumpkin chocolate swirl cookies from the book a couple of weeks ago?) They were a hit and were delicious for over a week!

Jack's first night home, I made King Ranch Chicken from the United Tastes of Texas cookbook. The recipe was a little more involved (read: no cream of anything soups) than the one I've made for years, but so worth it. Like most casseroles of this type, it was better the next day. Believe it or not, I didn't take a photo, but Leite's Culinaria has the recipe posted online here. [NOTE: when I make it again, I'll tear the tortillas rather than leaving them whole.]

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

baked pumpkin oatmeal

There's no doubt about it. You NEED this breakfast recipe in your fall pumpkin breakfast repertoire. Do you have a fall pumpkin breakfast repertoire? 

First off, this recipe contains pumpkin. Should I go on? That's enough of a sell for me in October and November. OK...second, it silences oatmeal haters. I'm serious. This baked oatmeal looks like a sheet cake. There's no arguing. Third, it can be topped off any number of ways. I like Greek yogurt and a little cinnamon sugar, but add bananas or pecans...or chocolate chips! I won't even tell if you add whipped cream.

I should add that this is really, really easy to put together. It's also perfect for leftovers, so make it once and you have breakfast for a couple of days. Win-win.

Candy Corn Fang Halloween Cookies

Candy Corn Fang Halloween Decorated Cookies

Love at first BITE! Muahahahahahahaha! 
(Was that too scary?)

Halloween is one of my favorite cookie decorating seasons. You guys know me, though...I like silly and sweet, nothing too realistic or creepy.

Candy Corn Fang Halloween Decorated Cookies

That's why I love these sweet vampire fang cookies. Using candy corn for the teeth make these a little whimsical, a lot of fun...oh, and easier to decorate.

No matter what type of lip-shaped cookie you have, solid or with the cut-out middle, I've gotcha covered with how to decorate.

Candy Corn Fang Halloween Decorated Cookies

I'm sharing my tutorial over on Imperial Sugar's blog. There are links to the recipes, step-by-step instructions, and one tip for these cookies that you don't want to skip. Come on over and read all about them...we won't bite, I promise!

Houston Astros Decorated Cookies

Houston Astros Decorated Cookies: Bregman Stare, Hugs for Homers, I Literally Love Justin Verlander, Springer Dinger, Astros Rainbow Jersey
Well, our house is ready for the 2018 ALCS...if by ready you mean, have a stash of 3 dozen Astros-themed cookies.

You might have to be an Astros fan to "get" some of these cookies. I'll talk you through the colors and shapes used for them, though.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net
Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : Bregman Stare, Dugout Stare

I grew up with the Astros. We watched them at the Astrodome and cheered for Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuuz! When I was a teenager, I distinctly remember one day when I was lifeguarding when the girl who checked IDs at the gate came into work and said, "the Astros just signed the CUTEST player." That player was Craig Biggio. ♥ (Side note: last month, I introduced myself to Craig in the Chicago airport baggage claim. Total dork fangirl moment. Someday I will be cool. No, I won't.)

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net

Then, the Astros flirted with a change in color...what were they thinking...but it was the time of Lance Berkman (Big Puma/Elvis), Roy Oswalt, and yes, Biggio, so we forgave them.

In case you missed it, the Astros WON THE WORLD SERIES last year and are about to compete in the ALCS. (Y'all this is the most sporty talk I've ever done.) You know how this goes...we needed cookies.

Homemade Potato Bread

Homemade Potato Bread ♥ bakeat350.net for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends

Is there anything in this world as comforting as bread? No. Sliced while still warm from the oven, toasted and slathered with butter, served alongside a bowl of soup...bread is where it's at, man.

Homemade Potato Bread ♥ bakeat350.net for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends

This is potato bread. It's like white bread only better. Deeper color, richer taste, softer texture. Potato bread is where it's at, man. (Did I just say that?)

Homemade Potato Bread ♥ bakeat350.net for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends >>> it's like white bread only better!

This recipe makes two loaves. Share the second one or stash it away in your freezer. Second only to having a warm loaf from the oven is knowing that one awaits you with only a few hours of defrosting. Having a loaf of bread in the freezer is where it's....never mind.

I'm sharing the recipe over at The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends. Go get it!