Mary Berry's Lemon Poppy Seed Traybake

Mary Berry's Lemon Poppy Seed Traybake
I'm sharing a Mary Berry recipe with you for an important reason. There are exactly TWO MONTHS left to reserve your spot for the London Baking Adventure, inspired by the Great British Baking Show. Y'all. It's going to be BRILLIANT. :) Read all of the customized for Bake at 350, baking-themed itinerary details here.

Mary Berry's Lemon Poppy Seed Traybake
Merry Berry Fast Cakes is filled with, you guessed it, quick-to-make cakes. There are also a few other recipes included, like quick biscuits (cookies), scones, and quick breads. There are lots of recipes for "traybakes" which always intrigued me when watching the GBBO. A traybake is a cake baked in a rectangular pan, what I might have referred to as a "snacking cake."

Mary Berry's Lemon Poppy Seed Traybake
This lemon poppy seed traybake might not look super special, but oh my's incredible. The cake is fluffy with a large, soft crumb. The glaze adds flavor - a big hit of lemon - and moisture.

German Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies

German Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies : bake at 350

My uncle has a German chocolate cake on his birthday every year. By every year, rumor has it, it's been since he was about 5 years old. He just celebrated 65.

German Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies : from bake at 350 cookie blog

To commemorate this milestone birthday, I decided to bake a little something that was a nod to his German chocolate cake - German chocolate COOKIES! Instead of decorating them with royal icing, I used this imprinting technique that you may remember from these star birthday cookies. I just love the look of them, and they're so fun to make.

For the cookies, I made a chocolate dough. Not a deep, dark chocolate dough like these, but a milder chocolate. The thing about German chocolate cake is that it doesn't (to me) scream CHOCOLATE. It's more subtle.

How I Store Baking Staples

How I Store Baking Staples : for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends
I am not an organized person by nature. My favorite section in The Container Store is gift wrap, not containers.

How I Store Baking Staples : for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends
Over the years, I've learned a few ways to store my baking products, though, that keep them more organized...and more importantly, more fresh.

Along with my favorite storage ideas, I'll tell you what baking staples I keep on hand in my kitchen.

How I Store Baking Staples : for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends
I'm sharing it all over on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be breaking into that container of chocolate chips.

A Night Under the Stars Prom Cookies

Last week, I shared the step-by-step tutorial for making the marbled star cookies. (Find it here.) Now, here's the entire set of prom cookies. I thought this was a really pretty theme for prom...and a fun one for cookies.

Obviously, I don't have a prom-goer at home anymore. Our little birdie finishes up his sophomore year of college this week. WHAT? Let me tell a parent, the college years go by waaaaaaaay faster than any other time. It's insane.

What were we talking about? That's right...prom. I don't have tutorials for all of these, but I'll walk you through some of the highlights.

Walnut and Strawberry Torte

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free
If this isn't the perfect dessert for spring (and may I suggest Mother's Day? Yes, may. OK. Mother's Day), then I don't know what is. The torte is a nutty, light, and airy walnut base topped with glazed, sweet strawberries. We're pretty close to "belongs in a pastry case" level here.

*this recipe was developed for Imperial Sugar

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free
Not only is it beautiful and delicious, but the recipe is naturally gluten and dairy-free. By "naturally" I mean that there's no substituting ingredients to make it gluten and just happens to be so.

You start out by processing some walnuts and sugar until finely ground. You'll whip up some egg whites and add flavorings and the walnuts...