Christmas Tree Cookie Platter

how to make a Christmas Tree Cookie Platter

Are you bringing a cookie platter to a party? Or helping with a dessert table at your child's school? Do you have guests coming for Christmas dinner?

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how to make a Christmas Tree Cookie Platter |

I have JUST the thing for you...a Christmas Tree Cookie Platter. 
It is seriously SO cute!

Tree cookies are layered and stacked in a larger tree shape. The edges are adorned with colorful ornament cookies, and strung across the center are cookie "twinkle lights." Make it as big or as small as you want. Stack the cookies in a couple of layers, or stack it high. It's really perfect for any size crowd.

perfectly iced circle cookies

Y'all...I've been decorating cookies for almost 20 years and piping circles still gives me nightmares. Never fear!!! I have an easy technique that's much quicker and makes for the perfectly iced circles.

I mean, seriously....take a good look at that circle. After years of ugly, wonky, shaky circle piping, I could stare at that ALL day.

teeny tiny twinkle light cookies

Can we talk for a second about those twinkle light cookies?!?!?! Oh my gosh. They're so tiny and cute (and easy to eat 20 in one sitting). I think I need an excuse to make these more often.

how to make a Christmas Tree Cookie Platter

I'm sharing all of the step-by-steps (including that iced circle trick) and the recipes over on the Imperial Sugar blog, Sweetalk, today. 
Please come have a cookie with me!


  1. I am taking cookies to my neighbors party on Saturday. The theme is rockin around the Christmas tree. I’m going to do something very similar. Thanks for the idea!

  2. OMG! This is amazing. Just shared on my FB page!Merry Christmas! laura

  3. What a cute and fun idea for holiday season! This is just great and so creative!

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