10 Desserts and Decorated Cookies for Valentine's Day ♥

This is my favorite shopping season.  Heart season. Stores are decorated in red and pink, and hearts abound everywhere. Heart-shaped purses, spatulas, cookie cutters, boxes of chocolates, bowls, earrings...I'm a sucker for them all! ♥

While I'll be working on several valentine desserts and cookies in the next couple of weeks, I wanted to give you a few (ok, 10) ideas to get started. Click the titles to go to the recipes and/or tutorials.

1. Take a Little Pizza My Heart Decorated Cookies

take a little pizza my heart, decorated cookies for valentine's day! | bakeat350.net
Those heart-shaped pepperonis get me every time.

2. Heart-Shaped Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies 

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net
Seriously delicious. Seriously cute.

3. Olive You Decorated Cookies

olive you decorated cookies | bakeat350.net
An oldie but a goodie. Still one of my favorites.

4. Black-Outlined Ombre Hearts

black-outlined ombre heart cookies, bagged 2x2 for a bake sale ♥ bakeat350.net
Big impact for minimal work. A black outline makes any cookie pop!

5. Mini Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Lava Cakes

mini heart-shaped red velvet lava cakes ... so cute for Valentine's Day dessert! | bakeat350.net
I'll admit to not being the biggest red velvet fan...but THIS red velvet is a winner. If you want a special Valentine's Day dessert, this is it.

6. Lacey Hearts

lace downton abbey decorated cookies
Despite looking complicated, piping a lace pattern is really pretty easy. Again, that black outline wins.

7. Heart-Shaped Fox and Skunk Cookies

fox and skunk cookies from a heart cookie cutter, simple cookie decorating tutorials
Cuteness overload! I'm already picturing a continuation of this set with raccoons and sloths.

8. Scrabble Cookies

scrabble decorated cookies
Another oldie but goodie. Make your tiles spell out anything you want. Place your message in a bag and let your Valentine solve the puzzle.

9. True Love Decorated Cookies

true love/famous couples decorated cookies
Have you noticed I have a thing for black-outlined ♥s? :) Also, Gomez and Morticia are life.

10. Double-Decker Stripey Heart Decorated Cookies

double-decker, striped Valentine cookies ... easy to make and two cookies in one! | bakeat350.net
No Valentine cookie list is complete without these cookies. They hold a special place in my heart. OH and today I just so happened to spot a Kate Spade phone case that MATCHES these cookies. It took me about 4.5 seconds to order one.



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