First Communion Cookie Set for Tony

how to decorate first communion cookies for a boy ♥ #catholiccookies

There's almost nothing sweeter than little girls in white dresses and veils and boys in little suits and ties celebrating first Communion. Our nephew Tony made his First Communion over the weekend and, of course, cookies were in order.

I've made First Communion cookies and here. I love them still but decided to make these a little differently AND make a set of cookies, rather than all one design.

how to decorate first communion cookies, host and chalice ♥

That host and chalice cookie cutter is one of my very favorites. It's so special. You can find it here. The design is supposed to be wheat. Does it look a little like wheat? Also, I couldn't help but add a heart in the center. Aaaaaand, there's a heart on the rosary and a heart on one of the cross designs. (I like ♥s.)

As usual, I used my tried-and-true recipes for perfect cut-out cookies and royal icing.

how to decorate first communion cookies for a boy ♥

how to decorate first communion cookies for a boy ♥

For the crosses (can you believe that I don't have a cross cookie cutter?!?), I use a plastic template. Since the lines are straight, it's pretty easy to cut with a bench scraper.

rosary decorated cookies ♥

Now for the rosary cookies...oh my goodness. I love these so. I've never made rosary cookies, so I looked at A LOT of examples online and sketched out quite a few. For me, they worked best looking like they beads were going off of the cookie. I was almost impossible to get all of the beads on one cookie. I also love any excuse to break out the scalloped oval cookie cutter.

decorate first communion cookies, host and chalice

On all of the gold bits, I first used icing tinted with Americolor Gold. Once dry, I mixed a little gold luster dust with Everclear. (You can use vodka if you don't want to relive your college days.) Just paint it right on top of the dry icing. It will dry quickly and you can brush off any excess powder.

If you don't want to use gold, no worries. The cookies look super cute without, too. The fun thing about using gold for cookies is that your dirty dishes look super fancy. 

how to decorate first communion cookies for a boy ♥

For a step-by-step tutorial of the chalices, check out this post from 2011. (Also, please see one of my most favorite pictures of Jack ever. Rocking it with Mary, first Communion style.) 



  1. I saw the story on IG..but can't comment from a laptop..I loved seeing Jack:) Beautiful cookies!!!..I am not adroit w/ gold at all..I know that one cookie decorator uses gold leaf..that must be hard to's as light as air.
    I don't know maybe my gold is just not gold or good enough;)

  2. I just love the rosary..I am going to order the Rolkem and Americolor..I think:)Thank you as always for all the tips;)

  3. Gorgeous cookies! I'm sure it was a special day, made even more so by your beautiful creations!

  4. I often visit your site and find a lot of interesting information.

  5. The cake looks delicious and very attractive

  6. I love your baking style and custom made design

  7. Although these are just small details for a single communion, it makes a difference and special. thank you for sharing!


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