Don't Mess with Texas (Irish)

Texas Notre Dame decorated cookies

Believe it or not, these cookies were not made for Jack. (You're thinking...yeah, right.) Over the summer, we met a nice young man from our parish who was (is) about to start his first year at ND. I thought he needed cookies.

Side note: why do I always think people NEED cookies? Possibly because I think *I* need a cookie several times per day.

Texas Notre Dame decorated cookies ♥ #notredame

I decided to add a little Texas flair to this set, as opposed to this one and this one that I made last year.

Texas Notre Dame decorated cookies ♥ #goirish

Here's where you can find the Notre Dame cookie cutter.

For the cookies, I used my ol' stand-by recipes: perfect cut-out cookies and royal icing.

Texas Notre Dame decorated cookies

For the colors: 
  • green: Americolor Forest mixed with Leaf
  • navy: Chefmaster Navy
  • yellow: Americolor Egg Yellow
  • red: Americolor Super REd
  • white: Americolor Bright White

We dropped Jack back at college for his sophomore year last week. I keep coming back to the word bittersweet. It totally encapsulates the experience. Somehow, the joy does outweigh the sadness.♥

plaid shamrock cookie

Jack...cookies are heading for YOU next! 



  1. Your son looks like a doctor-in-training already. To go to Notre Dame is such an achievement. You must be unbelievably proud of him, and he must be MENSA-smart! I applied to ND on a whim after sitting through one of their info/recruitment sessions, but like so many, I was not chosen to attend. From the looks of your son, he seems to fit right in.

    1. Oh, thank you! He does love school...and of course, Notre Dame! We're happy we get to live vicariously through him! ;)

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  9. Here's where you can find the Notre Dame cookie cutter. For the cookies, I used my ol' stand-by recipes: perfect cut-out cookies and royal icing.


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