Back-to-School "Toothpick" Apple Cookies

the CUTEST back-to-school apple cookies!

When Imperial Sugar asked me to make some back-to-school cookies, I was thrilled. Now that Jack's in college, I don't get the chance to make cute school cookies much. *insert quiet sobbing here*

apple decorated cookies made using a toothpick!

I am obsessed with these cookies. Those "flat apples" in the background are created using a toothpick. (Well, lots of toothpicks.)

Mr. E thought the apples were from an icing transfer sheet or some sort of stencil. Nope! Icing and toothpicks! Magic! 

the CUTEST back-to-school apple decorated cookies

I love, love, love the crisp white, red, and green color scheme. It screams September to me. As much as I'm ready for fall, I'm just not onboard with orange and pumpkins quite yet. (Give me another week or so.) Oh, and I'm also not ready for Hobby Lobby to start displaying their Valentine merchandise.

I should mention that these are also DOUBLE-DECKER cookies! Woo hoo!

Double-Decker Back-to-School "Toothpick" Apple Decorated Cookies

The complete tutorial is over on the Imperial Sugar blog, Sweetalk. ♥
Go find it along with links to the recipes AND a few options for customization.

Back-to-School "Toothpick" Apple Decorated Cookies

Are your kids back in school yet?



  1. yes, my Son started the 5th grade last wednesday.

  2. These cookies are adorable! Looks so delicious!

  3. These cookies are beautiful and reflect your years of practice and experience. I am impressed.

    1. Aww these cookies are so cute i wish i could add them to my menu. I just wanna eat them with my baby..!!

  4. This is really a great stuff for sharing. Keep it up .Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just love these cookies so much! About the pumpkins...maybe “toothpick” pumpkins for you next!!! :)

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