Houston Astros Decorated Cookies

Houston Astros Decorated Cookies: Bregman Stare, Hugs for Homers, I Literally Love Justin Verlander, Springer Dinger, Astros Rainbow Jersey
Well, our house is ready for the 2018 ALCS...if by ready you mean, have a stash of 3 dozen Astros-themed cookies.

You might have to be an Astros fan to "get" some of these cookies. I'll talk you through the colors and shapes used for them, though.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net
Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : Bregman Stare, Dugout Stare

I grew up with the Astros. We watched them at the Astrodome and cheered for Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuuz! When I was a teenager, I distinctly remember one day when I was lifeguarding when the girl who checked IDs at the gate came into work and said, "the Astros just signed the CUTEST player." That player was Craig Biggio. ♥ (Side note: last month, I introduced myself to Craig in the Chicago airport baggage claim. Total dork fangirl moment. Someday I will be cool. No, I won't.)

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net

Then, the Astros flirted with a change in color...what were they thinking...but it was the time of Lance Berkman (Big Puma/Elvis), Roy Oswalt, and yes, Biggio, so we forgave them.

In case you missed it, the Astros WON THE WORLD SERIES last year and are about to compete in the ALCS. (Y'all this is the most sporty talk I've ever done.) You know how this goes...we needed cookies.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : Justin Verlander

One thing about this team is that they are SO FUN to watch. There's a joy there that is palpable. Maybe it's because I'm an Astros fan, but other teams seem...mean. Sorry, I said it. I never said I was unbiased.

Here are the colors I used for the cookies:
  • orange: Chefmaster Sunset Orange + Americolor Electric Orange
  • blue: Americolor Royal Blue + Chefmaster Navy
  • white: Americolor Bright White
  • yellow: Americolor Egg Yellow

For the cookies, I used my go-to, never-fail, perfect-every-time cut-out cookie recipe. I cut these 3/8" thick. For the royal icing, I used my go-to royal icing recipe.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : alex bregman

I was most excited to make this "Bregman Stare" cookie. It's also known as the "Dugout Stare." Google it...or just watch after Bregman homers in the next game. For the shape, I used Sweet Sugarbelle's Horseshoe cutter. I used a paring knife to make the bottom look a little more like a banner.

If someone were to go through my google history right now, it would look like this:
  • "alex bregman eye color"
  • "are alex bregman's eyes blue or green"
  • "what color are alex bregmen's eyes"

You know what? Google DOES NOT have this answer! I couldn't tell from photos and felt very creepy zooming in on every one of his headshots. Sooo...I made them turquoise. 

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : I Literally Love Justin Verlander, Jose Altuve quote

This cookie may seem like it's all about Justin Verlander (Hi, Kate!), but it's a quote by the forever fan favorite, Jose Altuve.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : George Springer

GEORGIE! I hope George Springer doesn't mind that I call him Georgie. George, you can call me Bridgie anytime. No Astros cookie set (or playoff game) is complete without a Springer Dinger.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : Tony Kemp, Hugs for Homers

And Tony Kemp's Hugs for Homers!!! Y'all, it's the cutest ever!

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net

The cookies with the H's and the raised blue stars are double-deckers. You know that that means - two cookies in one! More info on making double-decker cookies here.

Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : Kalas + Blummer + Julia

Oh! And I made a few cookies to commemorate our awesome local announcers: Todd Kalas, Jeff Blum, and Julia Morales. I really wish they were able to call the playoff games, too. They're awesome.

Houston Astros Decorated Cookies: Bregman Stare, Hugs for Homers, I Literally Love Justin Verlander, Springer Dinger, Astros Rainbow Jersey

There are so many more Astros cookies I want to make: Woo!, Never Settle, Orbit (!!!)...and cookies for ALL of the players. We love these guys.

Ok, AJ Hinch and the boys...go get those Red Sox! GO ASTROS! 
Houston Astros Cookies ♥ bakeat350.net : Hugs for Homers

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