Candy Corn Fang Halloween Cookies

Candy Corn Fang Halloween Decorated Cookies

Love at first BITE! Muahahahahahahaha! 
(Was that too scary?)

Halloween is one of my favorite cookie decorating seasons. You guys know me, though...I like silly and sweet, nothing too realistic or creepy.

Candy Corn Fang Halloween Decorated Cookies

That's why I love these sweet vampire fang cookies. Using candy corn for the teeth make these a little whimsical, a lot of fun...oh, and easier to decorate.

No matter what type of lip-shaped cookie you have, solid or with the cut-out middle, I've gotcha covered with how to decorate.

Candy Corn Fang Halloween Decorated Cookies

I'm sharing my tutorial over on Imperial Sugar's blog. There are links to the recipes, step-by-step instructions, and one tip for these cookies that you don't want to skip. Come on over and read all about them...we won't bite, I promise!



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