12 Days of Trader Joe's Christmas: Day 4, The Snack Bar Mix

Trader Joe's Step Up to the Snack Bar review

The college boy is home! All is right with the world again!

For day 4, we're reviewing Trader Joe's Step Up to the Snack Bar Mix. The description reads, "...with mustard pretzel pieces, honey roasted peanuts, corn chips with flax seeds, cheddar rocket crackers, honey roasted sesame sticks and chili lemon corn sticks." A 12-ounce container costs $4.99.

Trader Joe's Step Up to the Snack Bar review

She says: Beer me! This snack mix is just perfect for happy hour! I love that many of the pieces, like the pretzels, chips, and rockets, are big. It makes for a prettier and more substantial mix. My favorite pieces were the chili lemon corn sticks. I would have loved more of them or one more piece with a bit of spice. Would make a super cute gift with some specialty beer.
Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

He says (Mr. E.):  I would love to see this quality of snack mix when I travel, in hotels and pubs.  TJ's nails this Snack Mix with an excellent mix of items.  Overall the seasoning could be boosted a little more without it becoming an issue. None of the contents have a dental-work-threatening hard crunch.  The honey roasted sesame sticks and honey roasted peanuts are my favorites amongst the 6 elements.  I also agree that this mix "goes great with beer" (further testing is warranted on this).
Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

He says (Jack): It was good, but not insanely impressive! I think the "rocket" cheese crackers and the flax seed corn chips were some of the best components. Maybe it has something to do with my dislike of sweet and savory... I will definitely give it good marks for its wide variety of flavors that would stand out regardless of what this mix is being eaten alongside!
Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Trader Joe's Step Up to the Snack Bar: #traderjoes review from Bake at 350

Trader Joe's Step Up to the Snack Bar Mix: Good stuff. 

[note: We have no affiliation with Trader Joe's. I'm sure they have never read this blog and have no idea who we are. Hey, we like being incognito, although we never wear sunglasses indoors. ;)]

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  2. Sounds yum!

    Rebecca | www.peppermintdolly.com

  3. It's good to see the trio back in action:)You must be sooo happy!

  4. I think I will look for this next time I am in TJ's - it would be good to keep a can or two in our "winery visiting snack tote"!

  5. We love this mix, but didn't realize last year that it was seasonal. This year will buy more cans. Just wish TJ's shipped their product.

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