Nutella Oat Crunch No-Bake Cookies

Nutella Oat Crunch No-Bake Cookies

Is your oven in overdrive this week? Mine, too. Not only that but with every passing day, I think of another recipe or see another recipe online that I MUST make before Christmas. From here until Christmas, I only have time to make...and eat...cookies.

Nutella Oat Crunch No-Bake Cookies

To free up your oven, I have a no-bake cookie for you. I love giving (and getting *ahem*) cookie/treat samplers at Christmas. Having a no-bake cookie in the mix is a time and oven saver.

Nutella Oat Crunch No-Bake Cookies

How fun are these little cookies? They're chewy and chocolatey with a little crunch. You might just have all of the ingredients for these in your pantry right now. Hello, cornflakes!

They come together in short order and store beautifully at room temperature.

Nutella Oat Crunch No-Bake Cookies

I'm sharing the recipe over on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends today. Add this one to your holiday "no-baking" list! 


  1. These cookies look so delicious! I love Nutella in anything and they would be perfect for Christmas too!

  2. Bridget, do you ever use Trader Joe's oatmeal? It has a different taste than something like Quaker Oats so am wondering if it would work in these cookies? Merci!

    1. I have not! Hmmm...must try. You really just get the oat texture, not taste here.


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  4. YUM!!

    Rebecca |

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