JOIN ME IN LONDON (!!!) for biscuits, and sponges, and saucy puds...oh my!

Great British Baking Show-inspired guided tour of London, October 2019

THAT'S RIGHT!!! This Texan is heading to across the pond for a Great British Baking Show-inspired tour of London, and I want YOU (yes, you!) to come with me!

Think of it...eating all of the famous bakes featured on the Great British Baking Show! Victoria Sponge! Frangipane! Treacle Tart!

British cookies

I promise not to say "'ello, Guvnah!" more than twice. A day. 

GBBO-inspired cookies

This is a custom trip. I mean, I love cookie cutters, but this is NOT a cookie-cutter trip. It's a one-of-a-kind adventure planned just for us! Yay! Let me's not just for ladies. Mr. E and Jack are coming, too.

(*photos: BBC, PBS)

I don't want to bury the I won't. The highlight of the trip is a Bake with a Legend baking class with a former contestant on the Great British Baking Show!!! 
Y'ALL. We won't know who it is until closer to the trip, but what?!??!?! Is this real life?

Borough Market

We'll do a foodie walking tour with a local guide at the famous Borough Market.

Tower Bridge London

We'll tour the Tower of London and the cruise on the River Thames. By the way, our hotel is basically next door to the Tower Bridge!

GBBO Great British Baking Show-inspired cookies

I'll lead us on a BAKERY CRAWL! Helloooooo, stretchy pants!

Great British Baking Show-inspired guided tour of London, October 2019
(*photo: Sketch London)
We'll go to afternoon tea in the most beautiful place, Sketch London. I mean, that PINK!!! I'm swooning already.

Great British Baking Show-inspired guided tour of London, October 2019

There's also free time, so feel free to take a day trip to Stonehenge, spend time looking for Kate Middleton, shop at Boden (I'll be there!), visit museums...whatever your little heart desires. Our local guides can help you plan an excursion based on your interests.

Great British Baking Show-inspired cookies

Oh! You should know when we're going. October 19-25th. Go get all of the details and JOIN ME in London! Cheerio! 

Great British Baking Show-inspired cookies #gbbo

No soggy bottoms allowed! 



  1. I am THRILLED for you! You need to find a Star Baker cookie stamp!!

  2. Don't find a "Star Baker" cookie stamp. Make one! This is so awesome, Bridget! I'm super excited for you!!

  3. So excited for you! What an amazing opportunity!

  4. Congrats!!! I am seriously thinking about it! Time to check out the link for more details; it already sounds like a dream.

  5. I would go to London with great pleasure! But this year I decided to spend my vacation in Sao Paulo I wasn't in the Latin American ever before my trip there. And it was really interesting. London is my next trip!


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