You are My Sunshine Cookies for Mother's Day

Did your mom sing "You are My Sunshine" to you when you were little? So many of us learned this from our moms. In truth, SHE is our sunshine. Moms just know how to make everything better.

This sunny and cheerful cookie set is inspired by that song and is sure to brighten your mom's Mother's Day!

You might not know this about me, but I LOVE the color yellow. I have a Pinterest board devoted to it. My mom loved yellow, too, and her favorite flower was the yellow rose. Notice a little nod to that in this cookie assortment? (Here's a yellow rose cookie for mom from years ago.)

I love the pop of pink and black with the yellow, but don't feel like you must make all three cookies in this set to give to mom. Just stick with the suns if you'd like, and enclose a card that reads, "You are my sunshine, Mom!" (Oh, and those sun cookies are double-deckers. You know how I love a two-in-one cookie.)

The full tutorial for these is over on the Imperial Sugar blog. I'll walk you through the step-by-step instructions of how to decorate them. Recipes for the cookies and icing are linked there as well. 

If you don't live near mom, no worries. Cookies decorated with royal icing ship well! Here's a link to an old, old (did I mention old?) post about how I ship them.

Sunshine cookies for mom? Wouldn't she just love that?!?  (PS. Don't ask her to share on her special day.
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