Walnut and Strawberry Torte

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free
If this isn't the perfect dessert for spring (and may I suggest Mother's Day? Yes, Bridget...you may. OK. Mother's Day), then I don't know what is. The torte is a nutty, light, and airy walnut base topped with glazed, sweet strawberries. We're pretty close to "belongs in a pastry case" level here.

*this recipe was developed for Imperial Sugar

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free
Not only is it beautiful and delicious, but the recipe is naturally gluten and dairy-free. By "naturally" I mean that there's no substituting ingredients to make it gluten and dairy-free...it just happens to be so.

You start out by processing some walnuts and sugar until finely ground. You'll whip up some egg whites and add flavorings and the walnuts...

....folding until incorporated.

Bake it up.

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free

Before serving, the cooled torte is covered with halved strawberries. (You'll use an entire pint, but I'd buy two just in case one is more ripe. This is not the place for the white-on-the-inside, tasteless strawberries.) Then strawberries are brushed with a strawberry jam glaze.

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free
Ooooooh. So shiny!

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free
The torte is best served soon after adding the strawberries and glaze. Trust me, it'll be no problem finishing this torte. You'll want seconds.

Walnut and Strawberry Torte : naturally gluten and dairy-free
Walnut and Strawberry Torte. Find the full recipe over on Imperial Sugar.



  1. Would this be equally good with another nut such as almond or pecan?

  2. Perfect for the end of strawberry season! Looks so delicious!

  3. Yum yum yum! Beautiful and spring-like and gluten free.


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