I'm 50! Sally O'Malley-themed birthday cookies

In 20 years of cookie decorating, I don't think I've ever made cookies for myself. (Truth be told, I gave these away to my girlfriends who joined me for a 50th birthday OrangeTheory workout at 6am this morning. It was my way of apologizing. Ha.)

By the way, when a person tells you it's their 50th birthday, the correct response is,
"I would have guessed 37." Write that down; commit it to memory.

Anyway....I've had these in my head for YEARS, and there was no better opportunity to make them. I mean, THE icon for 50 is Sally O'Malley.

If you're not familiar with Sally O'Malley, something tells me you're WAY younger than 50. You need to see Molly Shannon's hilarious character from SNL, though. Check out Sally O'Malley auditioning for the Rockettes...and taking a police recruit fitness test.

For the cookies, I used my go-to cut-out cookie recipe and never-fail royal icing. For the "I'm 50" cookies, I made double-decker cookies. More on those next week. I used small fondant cutters for the numbers and figured out a way to use them without the dough getting stuck.

Until then, if you see me today, I might just show you a KICK, and a STRETCH, and a KICK! ;) Here's to 50 more! 
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