Way Back Wednesday: October 2, 2019

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Way Back Wednesday where we dive into 12 years of the blog's archives to revisit old friends, recipes, and cookies.

I noticed a trend. This week in time is very BANANA-centric. That's weird? For all you banana lovers (sorry, Ree) this is the Way Back Wednesday post for you...

banana bread french toast with peanut butter maple syrup | bakeat350.net
...a mouthful literally and figuratively. If you have banana bread made, you're halfway there on this recipe. Inspired by one of my favorite Dallas restaurants.

From 2017, Pumpkin Banana Bread
Pumpkin Banana Bread| bakeat350.net
I've made this countless times over the past two years...full-size loaves, smaller loaves...it's the perfect way to start off pumpkin season. Guess what I'm making this week?

From 2011, Breakfast Banana Splits
breakfast banana splits | bakeat350.net
For kids and grown-ups alike, these are such a fun breakfast treat. Who doesn't want to start their day with a drizzle of Nutella?

One more just to get out of our banana rut...
Also from 2011, Hairy-Legged Spider Cookies
hairy-legged spider cookies
I love these little guys! They're super simple to decorate and make a big (hairy) impact.

That's it for week two of WBW! If you make any of these, be sure to post photos on Instagram and tag me @bridget350, so I can see!

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