Rocky Road Cupcakes

Rocky Road is such a nostalgic flavor, but I don't think much about it. I love chocolate, I love nuts...but mini marshmallows? Not so much.

*this post is sponsored by Imperial Sugar.
When creating this recipe, I wanted to incorporate all of those classic rocky road flavors without using those stale mini marshmallows. So, I make a marshmallow cream frosting. Let me tell you, it's divine. Even more divine, chocolate chunks and toasted nuts are folded into the frosting. Every bite is heaven.

Mr. E took the final product to work (don't worry, we kept some at home), and they were very, very well-received. He likes being the dessert guy.

With the classic chocolate cupcake base, chocolate and nut-studded marshmallow frosting, and a chocolate glaze, these babies really are some of my favorite cupcakes ever.

I don't have any step-by-step photos for you today, but the recipe is very straightforward. You'll find it on Imperial Sugar's site.

When is the last time you tried Rocky Road?



  1. I only eat prairie Farms Rocky road because the marshmallow part is marshmallow cream! Excited to try these!

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