Gobble, baby!

double-decker turkey cookies | bakeat350.net
This post isn't exactly what I'd envisioned. I made these cookies last year...just before Thanksgiving and never had a chance to post them. I did set a reminder on my phone to post them this week, and every time I saw that reminder, I would think, "I must have some really great photos of those cookies stored away."

Not so. I have four iPhone photos and no tutorial. BUT, I still wanted to post them because...
A. that little turkey is so dang cute, you might need to make it, and
B. there's a little story behind this set. 
C. You can absolutely use THIS decorated turkeys cookie tutorial as a guide to making these. 

GOBBLE BABY > double-decker turkey cookies | bakeat350.net
First...the turkey cookies are inspired by Melissa Joy Cookies. You can find her darling cookies on Instagram here. They're double-decker! You know I love a double-decker!

For the shape, I used a scalloped oval cutter that I just lopped off. I believe Melissa did hers with a round scalloped cutter. The little turkey body is an 8 cookie cutter. So cute, right???

Recipe used: perfect every time cut-out cookies
Icing used: royal icing 101

GOBBLE BABY > double-decker turkey cookies | bakeat350.net
Now for the rest of the set. Last year, one of my favorite coaches at OrangeTheory (he's since moved to New Orleans, boo!) would play the same song to close out every Friday workout: Wobble. He'd shout out, "On Fridays, we WOBBLE." It always made us laugh. OK, y'all, I'm not the best at hearing lyrics, so when I told Jack about that, he said, "um, mom...I don't think you should be listening to that song." Ha.

Nevertheless, I made these cookies for our coach and brought them to a Thanksgiving workout.
"On Thanksgiving, we GOBBLE."

GOBBLE BABY > double-decker turkey cookies | bakeat350.net
You can skip the silly song pun, but I think you still need to make those cute little turkeys.

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