Notre Dame Football Cookies

Notre Dame Football Cookies |
By now, you know that I love a Notre Dame cookie set. Case in point: set 1, set 2, and set 3. A football-themed set has been in my mind for years because who can resist those gold helmets??? Also, I watched Rudy last about major inspiration. These are for the Notre Dame-Navy game, which is a very cool tradition.

I'll walk you through the recipes I used and some of the important details.

I used my go-to perfect every time vanilla almond cut-out cookies rolled to 3/8". For the icing...royal icing.

Ian Book and Chase Claypool are my cookie players. I'm not sure it shows up really well in the photos, but those helmets are GOLD!!! Love! I used Kings Gold by CK. The football player cookie cutter AND the design are by Sweet Sugarbelle.

Notre Dame Football Cookies |
The fields! I've made football stadium cookies before, but have seen so many circle versions on Instagram, I wanted to try those. I bought navy, yellow, and green nonpareils from Layer Cake Shop. Those are the only colors one should wear in Notre Dame Stadium.

Notre Dame Football Cookies |
Oh, and the sign!!! The Play Like a Champion Today sign that the players touch before going onto the field. I made that, trying to keep the same font. Luckily, it's a simple one, and I think they turned out pretty ok! I used a PME #1.5 tip to pipe the lettering.

Notre Dame Football Cookies |
Who's ready to make these and cheer on the Irish? 
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