Way Back Wednesday: December 18, 2019

ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Are you ready? Are your cookies ready? This week's look back includes some inspiration for your holiday cookie decorating and some nuts that are perfect for giving!

From 2013, Painted Christmas Tree Cookies
painted christmas tree cookies ...so easy and festive! from bakeat350.net
One of my most favorite cookie designs...and one that I mean to recreate every year. Maybe this is the year! These were inspired by dishes at Sur la Table. Boy, I'm regretting not buying those at the time.

From 2011, Sweet or Savory Pecans

Sweet or savory...take your pick. I've made both of these recipes again and again. They make great gifts or party food. Once you make them, you might need to hide them from yourself if you plan on sharing!

From 2017, Gingerbread Latte Cookies
gingerbread lattes decorated cookies | bakeat350.net
Oh, I just love these so much! How much time would it take to go back and recreate all of my favorite Christmas cookies? Can I have a few more weeks until Christmas, please?!?

From 2009, Christmas Cottages
Christmas Cottage cookies
I remember being very, very proud of these cookies, and I made this design for several Christmases. They really are sweet...especially when personalized. ♥

Have you finished (have you started) your Christmas baking yet? I have two boxes of goodies that need to go to work with Mr. E on Friday. These old posts just gave me some inspiration!

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