Way Back Wednesday: February 26, 2020

Ready to dive into the archives? Me, too! Here's what was happening this week on the blog...
(Click the titles to go to the posts.)

From 2013, Chocolate Glaze
dark chocolate glaze
This photo makes me swoon. And you just know I swiped my finger across the lip of that bowl as soon as the picture had been taken. So many uses for this glaze...mainly, eating it with a spoon.

From 2018, Raspberry Meltaway Cookies
Raspberry Meltaway Cookies | bakeat350.net
Cookies that will get you in the mood for SPRING! Would you believe that there's not a drop of food coloring in these?

From 2016, Unicorn Blondies
unicorn blondies (cake batter flavored, but made from scratch!)
I've made these many, many times. I don't always call them Unicorn Blondies, but they ARE always a hit!

From 2012, Maple Pecan Biscuit Cake 
maple pecan biscuit breakfast cake
Oh, the photos are so bad in this post, but this breakfast cake is SO good! It's simple enough for a weekday but special enough for company!

I have cookies and two bundt cakes (yes, more bundt cakes) on my baking agenda this week. What about you?

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