Way Back Wednesday: March 11, 2020

It's Jack's spring break, y'all. Well, it's the beginning of a very loooooooong spring break. More on that later. Anyhoo, when Jack is home now, I lose my blogging mojo. Just in the nick of time, though, I remembered Way Back Wednesday. Let's do this.

Click on the post title to go to the recipe/tutorial.

From 2017, Guinness-Vanilla Bean Frosted Mocha Brownies
Guinness-Vanilla Bean Frosted Mocha Brownies
Oh, hello. Make these, please. I beg of you. They're divine.

From 2014, Leprechaun Cottage Cookies
decorated cookies for St. Patrick's Day: leprechaun cottages!
I love a house-shaped cookie...of any kind.

From 2010, Homemade Hostess Cupcakes, part 2

I entered these into our parish bake-off. I won a ribbon. It was blue.

From 2008 (!!!), Easter Egg Cookies

These cookies were some of the ones I was most proud of back in the day. I loved the marbling, the dots, the scalloped piping. I need to revisit these. Maybe you do, too.

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