Way Back Wednesday: March 4, 2020

This week's look back in the archives brings us cookies...all cookies! Some decorated, some scooped, some...potato? You'll see.

(Click the titles to go to the recipes/tutorials.)

From 2015, Happy, Happy, Happy Cookies
happy happy joy joy spring floral decorated cookies
I remember writing this post and having no idea what to call this cookie set. Happy, Happy, Happy seemed to fit. They're still some of my favorite cookies ever. How can you NOT be happy eating one of these?

From 2013, Irish "Potato" Cookies
Irish "potato" cookies > these no-bake cookies are perfect for St. Patrick's Day (and don't actually contain potato!)
If you're looking for something fun and creative to make for St. Patrick's Day - you've found it. These no-bake cookies don't actually contain potatoes. I'm still trying to figure out how they can count for a serving of vegetables, though.

From 2014, Honeymoon Cookies
lingerie decorated cookies for a honeymoon or lingerie-themed bridal shower...or bachelorette party ♥
Here's a secret about these cookies: they were originally made for my 2nd book, but were deemed "too racy." SO SCANDALOUS! Also, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear maribou slippers in public. I love them so.

From 2018, Flourless Spiced Chocolate Cookies
Flourless Spiced Chocolate Cookies | bakeat350.net
Chewy, chocolatey, spiced, irresistible. Did I mention they're flourless? Oh, good.

Do you have some St. Patrick's Day baking on your list this week?



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