Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Way Back Wednesday: April 15, 2020

How's your quarantine/self-isolation/social distancing going? The last two days have included curbside pickups at the grocery store AND Target, so things are good here. Is anyone else realizing just how often you ran into either of those places just for a few things? I do miss my errands.

Let's take out peek back into the archives for this the recipe/cookie title to go to the full post.

From 2018, Tony's First Communion Cookies
how to decorate first communion cookies for a boy ♥ #catholiccookies
So many special occasions are on hold now...first communions being one of them. Maybe use this post for inspiration. You'll be ready to make them and have the BIGGEST first communion celebration!

From 2012, Nutella-Filled Banana Muffins
nutella-filled banana muffins
Probably one of the most popular breakfast recipes on the blog...I wonder why? (NUTELLA.) Definitely making these when I have bananas in the house again!

From 2013, Texas-themed Cookies
texas cookie tutorial | bake at 350
I love Texas. And I love these armadillo cookies.

From 2011, Lemon Buttermilk Sherbet
THREE INGREDIENT lemon buttermilk sherbet
Well, this is my favorite of the bunch for obvious reasons...little Jack!!! You won't believe how easy this recipe is - only THREE INGREDIENTS! Tangy and sweet, this sherbet really hits the spot!

What ingredients do you have in abundance in quarantine? What are you hoping to find for your nest grocery store pickup?



  1. Love those cookies. Great content, thanks for sharing during these difficult times. It is definitely inspiring! You can also check FITMC for more food and health tips.

  2. Could I possibly come and live at your house please? I was just looking at your beautiful unicorn cookies and your cupcakes with the speckled easter egg cookies - so very pretty (super mario bros). You must be a very patient person. If I tried to do that, nobody would even know what I was trying to represent (I once drew a llama for my five year old niece, who insisted that it was either a poodle or a pig. Hmmmm. She is now 20 and still thinks it is funny). I love your site, just what we need at the moment. Shame we can't get flour in Britain at the moment, which is mysterious!


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